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UberChic Beauty Collection 9 Review

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Hey there!  It's an exciting's the release of a new UberChic Beauty stamping plate collection.  Collection 9 is a 3 plate set with a summer feel without being a strictly summer collection.  I've really enjoyed Brittany's collections since the beginning because there's no set theme to them.  This was the final product Brittany passed onto me when I met her in February and I've been sitting on them waiting to share them since then...that's two months!  I'm so happy that she's released them today so I can finally play with them.  I have 6 manis that I've done with them so far.  I hope they can provide a bit of inspiration for what you can do with this collection.

Collection 9, as I mentioned, has 3 plates, each measuring 9.5 x 14.5 cm.  The plates have a light backing on them (enough to avoid injury) but not a thick plastic.  Each full nail image measures 17 x 21 mm that, while large enough for most nails, are designed so even those of us with smaller nails aren't missing out on a whole lot of the design.  Brittany designs for everyone.  I didn't test out every image but the ones I tried didn't give me any problems.  There is a small etching problem on 9-03 on my plate but I've seen other reviews of this collection without that issue so I assume it's limited to my plate.  

For each plate I'm including a scan of the plate and two manis done with said plate.  Some of my designs are fails, due mostly to my own issues painting inside the lines, but I'm including them anyway.  Hopefully you can appreciate the idea more than the final outcome!  I also hope you can make it to the end of this post because my last mani is my favourite (and has a non-stamping related find that some of you might be interested in).  


I immediately fell in love with the ice cream cones and thought they'd make great decals with the new Cirque Speckles collection.  And they would if I had made decent decals (which I didn't) and didn't cover my nails in bubbles (which I did).   I used L'Oreal Greycian Goddess as a base and used Cirque Mint Chip, Hatch, Astra and Acid Wash in the decals.  Unfortunately I didn't write down which nude color I used for the cone part.  

For these I used 2 coats pipe dream polish Whitewater, stamped with MDU Black and top coated with HK Girl.  Then I used Sharpies, alcohol inks and rubbing alcohol to roughly paint in the designs.  For these I deliberately went outside the lines but I think it would've looked better if the inks has ended up darker.    


For these I used 2 coats Sephora by OPI Natural Environ-mint and stamped the distorted lines with Mundo de Unas Bronze.  The butterfly decal was done with MDU Black and Starrily Blitzen.  I loved Blitzen so much in these that I'm wearing it as a base for my current mani as well.  

These were started with KBShimmer Eyes White Open that I then randomly sponged with the Summer 2015 neons.  I stamped with Mundo de Unas Light Grey and finished with HK Girl.  I was going for a unicorn mane or something but I don't think I did my idea justice.   I do love this image though so I'll definitely have to use it again for something else.    


These were another fail.  I wanted to avoid bubbles so I tried advanced stamping and filled the images with KBShimmer Chilly Pepper and Sky Jinks and Color Club Almost Famous and applied them over Eyes White Open.  This would've been so good if my painting didn't suck!  

And finally, my favourites   I've been wanting to use foils lately.  A few weeks ago I tried out a Born Pretty top coat over a foil and it didn't seem to crack it...woohoo!  That's the tip I mentioned earlier in the post.  So if you have the super metallic silver Born Pretty polish and top coat duo, give the top coat a try over foils.  For these I used 2 coats of Picture Polish Mad Magenta and Dollar Nail Art Magenta AB foil.  The double stamping was done with MDU Black and White which was then topped with the Born Pretty top coat.  And it didn't even streak my stamping!  

No shock but I'm definitely a fan of this UberChic Beauty stamping plate collection.  I love that the collections have a little something for everybody and that this one has a bit of a summer slant to it.  Because, really, who doesn't love summer?

$24.99/3 plate collection
Available at UberChic Beauty

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