Monday, 16 May 2016

Delush Polish High and Mightea Swatches and Stamping

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Recently I was sent a few polishes from Delush Polish's latest release to review.  To quote Delush Polish, the  High and Mightea collection is "inspired by the quintessential British tradition of high tea, our collection invites you to indulge in our guilt free menu of whimsical color combinations and delicious bakery infused scented cuticle oils. Prepare to be transported to a London tea room where your senses will savor the rich and flavorsome long time tradition."  I think this is such a cute theme for a collection and her polishes (and, especially the names) really embody the spirit of a fun yet classy tea time.

I also received the newest stamping plate from Delush Polish, also named High & Mightea, that I did four easy stamping manis with.  Keep reading to find all the details.  

Each polish comes in a 15 mL round bottle and is 5-free and cruelty-free.  I had no problems with the application of any of the five polishes I tried.  I especially can't say enough about her crelly/glitter polish application.  I've tried quite a few of this style of polish but none apply as easily with such nice gliter spread as Delush Polish.  There's also some shimmer and some speckled flake polishes in this collection and those that I tried also applied effortlessly.  

I Like Big Buns and I Cannoli Lie - "A playful burst of hot pink and pastel toned glitters nestled in a creamy crelly that’s bound to satisfy your sassy side!"
This is 3 coats plus 2 coats of top coat to completely smooth out the big glitters.  

All You Knead Is Love - "An effortless mint cream, accented with a romantic blend of fuchsia glitters and our signature large holographic dots, thats bound to be the one for any hopeless romantic!"
This is two normal coats plus one thin coat plus top coat.  These big circle glitters do have a tendency to sink so be sure to give it a good shake or let it sit upside down for awhile before using.  

Tea Amor-Etto - "A delicate periwinkle cream blended with a romantic sprinkle of purple shimmer and color shifting micro flakies, that remind you to treat yourself with something extra sweet!"
For this one I applied 2 normal coats but thought it needed a bit extra so I added one more thin coat followed by top coat.  I love the speckled look that this one has.  

Love At First Bite - "Fiery, deep plum rose pink with a stunning coppery gold sheen, that will surely have you craving for seconds!"
This is two coats plus top coat of this unique color.  The shimmer is crazy strong here!  

Olive You Long Time - "A rich, complex olive green, featuring an incredible flash of gold shimmer, topped off with ultra chrome chameleon flakies that promise to be there for you for the long haul!"
Another super strong shimmer but this one has the added bonus of flakies.  At first I didn't think I'd like this one since greens don't play nice with my skin but I fell in love with the super cool finish.  

Next I have the High n' Mightea stamping plate, the fourth stamping plate to be released by Delush Polish.  As with her first three plates, the quality of the plate is great.  I had no problems picking up or transferring any of the images.  The plate itself measures 6 x 12 cm with the full nail images measuring 16 x 20 mm.  There's also a few smaller individual style images included that add to the cute tea and baking theme.  The plate comes with a blue plastic protective film that you can see remnants of in the bottom left of my photo.  I guess I hadn't fully removed it before scanning the plate.  Oops!  

To give the plate a thorough testing, I did four easy stamping manis with it.  The first three are over the above swatches and the last one is over a glitter from Essie.  I'll make note of the details below.  

Stamped with Mundo de Unas Black over I Like Big Buns and I Cannoli Lie.  I love stamping over interesting polishes like this one so you can see the glitters peak through.  

Double stamping with Mundo de Unas Silver and White (with white studs added) over Tea Amor-Etto.  I think the silver bits are meant to be sprinkles but I love it as a background pattern.  

A tea skittle with Mundo de Unas Gold stamped over Olive You Long Time.  

Gradient cupcake stamping with Mundo de Unas Sunflower, Barbie, Tutti and Turquoise over Essie Hors D'Oeuvres, finished with KBShimmer Oh Matte!

Wow, thanks for sticking around!  I know that was one heck of a long post.  If you're like to visit Delush Polish, follow the links below.  

$8.95-9.75/ 15 mL polish
$8.50/stamping plate
Available at Delush Polish

'Til next time...