Monday, 23 May 2016

Manis for Rose from Manicured & Marvelous

Hey there!  Today's post is meant to send my fellow Digit-al Dozen-er, Rose of Manicured & Marvelous, all sorts of good feels and healing vibes as she's dealing with some pretty crappy health stuff.  Jessica of Be Happy Buy Polish put together a group of us to recreate some of Rose's designs to cheer her up.  I'm such a big fan of Rose's nail art that it was really fun to go back through her Instagram feed and see all her looks.  Seriously, her nails and her art practically make me drool!  I picked a sexy dotticure from over two years ago to recreate.

Rose's original look can be found here.  Hers appears to be freehand but I decided to stamp the lips using MoYou London Rebel-03 and Mundo de Unas Red.  

My white base is two coats of pipe dream polish Whitewater and the black is Atrament.  I love the red, black and white color combo here.  So classic!  

That's all.  So Rose, if you read this, I really do hope you feel better quickly!  Sending you lots of love and good health wishes!

'Til next time...