Tuesday, 17 May 2016

NCLA Color4Nails Exclusive - Lolanthe Swatch and Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Mark May 22nd on your calendar because that's the day you can get the latest Color4Nails exclusive polish.  Lolanthe will be the first Color4Nails exclusive from NCLA, a 7-free and cruelty-free luxury brand.  This purple holographic really is stunning.  In an age when a lot of brands have released holo polishes, its nice when you find one whose color and formula can still wow you.  This is that polish.  Just look at the bottle in my photos to get a feeling for the rainbows that Lolanthe will show you!  Keep reading to hear more about my thoughts.

Lolanthe is a rich violet purple holographic.  The bottle is 13.3 mL with a brush of nice width (wide but not too wide) and a creamy formula.  I recently tried a popular purple holo from another brand and, while I loved the color, the formula was quite difficult to work with so this one felt like a treat.  Lolanthe was opaque at one coat but I used it at two coats since that's my habit.  I did notice that top coat changes the look of the polish quite a bit.  The first two photos below are without top coat and the following two are with HK Girl top coat.  Both sets have the first photo in the light box and the second in sunlight.    

Below is two coats of Lolanthe without top coat.  It's a slightly muted purple (relative to with top coat) since the holo greys it out a little.  That's not to say this is a dusty colored polish.  It's still very much a strong purple, just not as strong as with top coat.  

NCLA Lolanthe light box

NCLA Lolanthe sunlight
 Below is Lolanthe with HK Girl top coat.  The color deepens to a richer purple with a more subtle holographic finish.  Despite the holo diminishment, there is a nice linear rainbow with top coat.  

NCLA Lolanthe light box

NCLA Lolanthe sunlight
 For a more direct comparison of how Lolanthe looks with and without top coat, in this photo I have  -/+ top coat side by side.  I personally prefer the color with top coat but those of you who can't live without the holo flare might want to wear it naked.  

As mentioned, Lolanthe will be available this Sunday May 22nd.  Be sure to follow Color4Nail on social media to get a heads up.

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