Sunday, 22 May 2016

HPB Presents Neutrals & Neons

Hey there!  A second Sunday post?  Yes!  I've been feeling like a slacking blogger lately so I decided to write up another post today while I'm just hanging out watching Netflix.  This month, the lovely group of ladies known as the Hobby Polish Bloggers is having a link up with a Neutrals & Neons theme.  I love neons and I'm lucky enough to have snagged the pipe dream polish ANIVC collection before it was discontinued and the newest collection, Mellowed Out Cremes, which happens to have a neutral creme in it called unwind so I mixed up the two collections here.  I can't decide which of my designs worked out better that both combined these colors, the Uber Mat and some striping tape so I'm posting two.  You can decide which you like better :-)

I'm posting this one first just because the photography turned out better.  I photographed them darker so they look more true-to-life neon.  

For these I put about 6-7 pieces of striping tape down on my Uber Mat and blobbed pipe dream polish 110 degrees, vip pass and on the list on top and then swirled them around with a striping brush.  When that was dry I covered it with some Wet n Wild clear coat, flipped it over when the clear coat dried and then painted the back with unwind.  I applied these like decals over a coat of unwind and finished with a couple coats of HK Girl top coat to smooth out the ridges.  

For the second striping tape neon mani I used my Uber Mat to make neon stripes that I could apply over the neon base.  I put the striping tape down, painted the neons over and lifted the tape up to create some strips that could be pulled up and cut once dry.  I again used unwind as a base and then put the strips down in a braided pattern and finished with HK Girl.  

And now for the important question - which one do you like better?  If you'd like to see some more Neutral & Neons nail art, check out the other ladies links below.  

'Til next time...