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UberChic Beauty Collection 8 and Mini Uber Mats

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Hey there!  I have a big post today (like, really big) but one that I'm quite proud of so I hope you stick around.  When I met Brittany from UberChic Beauty last month, she brought along her newest plates and the new mini Uber Mat's for me to try when I got home.  I had to wait until they were officially released, which they were just over a week ago, so I can finally post all the nails I've done with the newest collection, Collection 8.  I also used both the white and the black mini mats here so keep reading to hear about how much I love them.

I mentioned this post is big.  That's because I really wanted to play with this Collection 8 before posting it.  I've done two manis with each of the three plates from the collection.  First I'll post the scans of the plates, followed by the looks I did with them.  Each plate measures the standard UberChic Beauty size of 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm with the full nail images being 17 x 21 mm.  All three plates have a mix of full nail images, smaller individual images and large multi-nail images.  All the images I tried stamp great, as you can see.  


My first design is my favourite so I'm letting myself post more images of it.  I love it because it's so sparkly so I wanted to take photos in my light box and in direct light.  I used the circles on the right hand side of the plate to make decals with Mundo de Unas Black filled with FUN Lacquer Royal Chapel, 24 Karat Diamond and Daydreamer that I then applied over black polish.  For these decals I used the clear mini Uber Mat as you'll see towards the end of this post.  

And here it is in direct light.  So much sparkle!  It's no wonder that I wore these for a full couple of days.  

 I think my second 8-01 mani is also pretty cool....because it glowed!  I thought these bugs looked like they could be fireflies (keep in mind I've never seen a firefly in real life) so I wanted them to light up in the dark.  To do this I used a base of Serum No. 6 Pure Glow Getter and then painted on random  streaks of Atomic Peach, Pink Lantern, Laven-darinly Bright, Blue Blazes and Glowin’ of Eden.  I then stamped with Mundo de Unas Black and finished with HK Girl top coat.  


For these I used the black mini Uber Mat to make decals (since the stamping is in white).  The colors I used to fill in the decals are China Glaze Red-y To Rave and DJ Blue My Mind.  In real life the orange was more neon.  I enjoyed wearing this as a full mani for a day or two also.  

I also wore this mani for a couple of days this week (like I said, I really wanted to test out these plates).  This is a gradient of A England Perceval and The Blessed Damsel stamped with Essie No Place Like Chrome.  My boss thought they were inspired by Coca-Cola (since he sees me drink a lot of it) but they weren't.  I just thought they would look cool.  I guess he thinks I always needs to have something specific in mind...


My last two manis are both single color stamping over a single polish (which both happen to be Zoya).  First I have these adorable Kawaii clouds over Zoya Dovima.  I thought stamping white over the matte black could look a bit like a chalkboard mani, which seemed appropriate because these Kawaii images have such a cute, child-like look to them.  

Lastly I stamped Mundo de Unas Chocolate over a textured polish, Zoya Godiva.  Not my favourite of the bunch but I did get to use three images off the plate for it.  Too bad I haven't fully mastered centering my stamping, even with the clear stampers.

And finally the mini Uber Mats!  As I'm sure you all know, UberChic Beauty was the first company to come out with a silicone nail art mat.  The original is 16 x 12 inches but these minis are only 9 x 8 inches so if you don't have a lot of space to work on, these are great.  I personally prefer them to the larger version because there's 20 nail templates instead of 10.  Since I mostly use my Uber Mats to make decals this allows me to have enough spaces to make a couple extra since I inevitably mess up at least one every time.  It's designed, not only to be dust resistant, but also to cling to the surface you put it on so you won't end up pushing it around accidentally (a fact that Brittany couldn't wait to show me when I met her).  

While the clear mini Uber Mat (above) is great for making darker coloured decals, you can see that the black version (below) is perfect for using lighter colors.  It's so easy to see your stamping on these!  

Okay that's enough gushing for one night.  I hope you made it all the way to the end of this giant post.  If you're interested in any of the products reviewed here, you can find the general links below, or the specific ones within the text above.  

Price: $24.99/set of 3 plates
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

'Til next time...

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