Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bundle Monster Paisley Flow Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the brand new Bundle Monster stamping plate collection, Paisley Flow.  These plates are meant to be a continuation of last year's Shangri-La collection with lots of new fine paisleys, swirls, floral and tribal buffet-style images.  I spent a lot of the last week or so playing with this set and I found that it has the same great quality that Bundle Monster has come to be known for.  Keep reading to see all the details.

Paisley Flow is the latest in Bundle Monster's stamping plate collections.  It seems like Bundle Monster is really moving towards these sets of ten 5.5 x 5.5 cm plates, a move I definitely approve of.  Bundle Monster was the maker of the first stamping collections I ever purchased but, back then, they only came out with one set per year.  It's much nicer to have these sets coming out quicker since it's more likely you'll find something you'll like.  Below are the scans of the plates I received, numbered BM-S111-120.  At first I thought the numbering was a mistake since I know these mini plate numbers are much higher now until I realized it's a continuation of the Shangri-La set (which ends at BM-S110)...silly me!  Like Shangri-La, each is a buffet-style plate filled with lots of fine patterns that make for interesting cohesive, but not identical, nail looks.  

For my first mani using this set of plates, I also used the new Poli-Peel with a fine, precision brush that was included in my package.  I liked the Poli-Peel I was sent to review in December so much that my bottle of it has just a few mm left in the bottom so I was excited to see this product.  
I used it for the first time last week and haven't stopped using it since.  The 2 cm long precision brush is fantastic at allowing me to apply it right along my nail line without being so fine that I can't also cover the rest of my skin.  

Like the original it applies as a light bubblegum pink but turns dark, with just a hint of sparkle, when dry.  

For this design I used a base of two coats of Formula X Prophecy, a matte blue so I skipped the top coat on this one.  I stamped with BM-S119 and Mundo de Unas Bronze, which I clearly didn't let dry long enough before stamping, hence all the smearing.  I was more patient on my other hand and it transferred beautifully so this isn't a plate issue.  

My second look was great when I did it over Easter weekend, kind of like a psychedelic Easter egg, but could definitely be a general spring mani.  For these I used BM-S118 and made decals with Rica Mellow Yellow, Sugar Plum Wings, Robin’s Egg Blue, Ain’t It Peachy, Summer Mint and Pinky Promise, finished with Essie Matte About You.  

For this sparkly look, I used two coats of Color Club Magic Attraction and stamped with BM-S115 and Mundo de Unas White.  

For this one, my favourite of the bunch, I did a gradient with KBShimmer Eyes White Open, My Life's Porpoise and Eclipse, stamped with BM-S111 and Mundo de Unas Turquoise.  

 And, finally, for this last one, I did some leadlighting over BM-S120 stamped on silver (but I didn't write down which silver).  The leadlighting was done with OPI Color Paints and finished with HK Girl.

There you have it, my thoughts on the latest Bundle Monster stamping plate set, Paisley Flow, and a few looks that I did with it.  If you're interested in this set or the new Poli-Peel incarnation, the price info and Bundle Monster links can be found below.  

$14.99/set of 10 plates
$2.49/individual plate
$14.99/13 mL bottle of Poli-Peel

'Til next time...

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