Friday, March 11, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Food

Hey there!  This week's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas is all about food...yummy, yummy food.  My post is dedicated to my lovely little sis who doesn't really cook but who can rock a box of Kraft Dinner better than anyone.  In preparing to write this post I learned a couple of things: 1. In Canada, Kraft Dinner has officially changed its name to "KD" (which is what we call it anyway) and 2. In the U.S., it's called "Kraft Macaroni & Cheese", not Kraft Dinner.  Who knew?!  When I did these, we just had to have a box of it for dinner so I could take a pic...and it was delicious!

To go along with the photo with the food, I also took a photo with a box of KD (we're always well-stocked with the stuff) in case anyone didn't know what I was talking about.  Good thing I did since, as I just mentioned, we don't even use the same name for it across the Canada-USA border.  I'm pretty sure Europeans won't even know what I'm talking about.  For those that are unfamiliar, it's a box of dry macaroni that comes with a package of powdered cheese that, after cooking and mixing with butter/milk, makes a neon orange bowl of goodness.  Not exactly gourmet food but I'm not fancy so it works for me once in awhile...

To do these I started with two coats of either Sally Hansen Silver Sweep or In Prompt Blue.  I tried to mimic the circle pattern on the box by using french tip nail vinyls and sponging on Sally Hansen Brisk Blue but the effect got a bit lost.  

The KD symbol and my little pieces of Mac & Cheese were freehanded with OPI The "It" Color, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and black acrylic paint.  I'm certainly not a freehand artist and never will be but I'm really proud of these anyway.  Hopefully someone gets what they're supposed to be!  

I can't wait to see what food the rest of the ladies bring us this week.  You can check them out in the links below.

'Til next time...

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