Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lilypad Lacquer Swatches

Press  Sample

Hey there!  A couple of weeks ago I show you a set of three Lilypad Lacquer polishes that are exclusively available at Color4Nails.  I was lucky enough to also be sent these five other Lilypad Lacquer shades that I'm sharing today.  These come from a variety of collections as evidenced by the different finishes in the group.  I hadn't had much experience with the Lilypad Lacquer brand until recently but I have to say, I'm sold.  I have nothing but good things to say about this 5 free, Australian indie brand!

I want to start with my favourite of the bunch.  This is Glory.  This is chock full of color shifting flakies and holographic glitter.  The main colors are purple and gold but there also appears to be some green and blue in there as well.  Because this is a predominantly a flakie polish and flakies look great over a black base, this is two coats over black plus top coat.

In the same vein as Glory, Grit is another flakie/glitter but its main colors are green and purple, like a sparkly mermaid.  This is two coats over black.

The next polish, Roasted, is a nice transition between the flakies and the holos.  At first glance, it's a dark pink-leaning nude or light brown holo but as you can see in the macro, there's some subtle flakies in there that make this a really unique polish.  This is two coats plus top coat.   

Here's a photo in direct, artificial light.  The flakies magically come out more in direct light somehow.  

The last two polishes are pure holographics.  The first is Evergreen, a dark green holo with a fantastic formula.  This is two coats plus top coat.  

Here is Evergreen in direct, artificial light.  That's a lot of holo for such a dark polish.  

Lastly, we have Throb, a dark pink (almost red) holographic with the same great formula as Evergreen.  Unfortunately, when I was swatching I must have been a bit impatient and wrinkled my ring finger which, of course, I didn't notice until looking at the macro shot later.  This is two coats plus top coat.  

Here is Throb in direct light.  Gorgeous.  

As I mentioned in the introduction, I'm really impressed with Lilypad Lacquer's polishes so far.  As an Australian brand, it's nice that there's a Northern American stockist.  You can get all these, and more, from Color4Nails.  

$13/15 mL bottle
Available at Color4Nails

'Til next time...