Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Spring: Butterfly Stamping

Hey there!  Holy, I've been having problems finding the time to just write my blog posts.  Manis are done, photos are edited and yet I can't just write the words.  So I apologize that my posts have been coming so late in the day.  Maybe one day I'll be a good blogger and schedule more posts ahead of time but that soooooooo goes against my procrastinator nature!  But I do have a new Digit-al Dozen Spring design to show you today.  One of the things that makes me think of the warming weather of spring is the reappearance of butterflies.  Plus, I never need an excuse to do a butterfly mani.  They're always amongst my favourites.

To create these sparkly butterflies I used a whole bunch of Glam Polish colors.  I started with a base of two coats of Summer Nights.  The butterflies were filled with some holo glitters: Below Zero, Whirlwind, Polar Lights, POW!.

The first layer of stamping was done with Born Pretty Store BP-65 and Mundo de Unas Lime.  The butterfly decals were from BP-74 and BP-34 (ring finger only).  All of that was top coated with HK Girl.  

And, only because I love glitters in macro, here's a close up...

Below, you can see what the other girls have done for the midway point of Spring Week.  I bet they're lovely since the rest of the week has been so pretty!

'Til next time...