Wednesday, 23 March 2016

It Girl Nail Art IG108 & Image Selector Scraper Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I'm excited to show you a few designs I did using one of It Girl Nail Art's new stamping plates, IG108.  I've reviewed a few It Girl Nail Art plates before (here, here and here) and her quality is still fantastic.  She has three new plates on the market (IG107-109) and the one I received is inspired by Art Nouveau.  Honestly, I'm not that knowledgable about the art world so I don't really know how "art nouveau" these images are but I do know that they're beautiful and they stamp easily...and that's all it takes to make me happy.

Each It Girl Nail Art plate measure 6 x 12 cm and has 10 2.25 x 2.25 cm square images which is large enough for most nails.  Her plates seem to be made out of a slightly different metal than others.  They seem heavier and look more matte than most plates.  The designs on this plate are really intricate but, even with all the fine lines, they all stamp great.

The first mani I did uses one of those fine-lined images.  I stamped over Serum No. 5 Snow In Love with Mundo de Unas Navy Blue and matte'ed it with Essie Matte About You.  

Look at how perfectly those thin lines transferred!  

For my second mani, I decided to play around a bit.  I used two coats of Connie, You Saucy Minx and stamped with Color Club Angel Kiss.  I then painted ~1/3 of my nail with Sally Hansen Black to Black and added a piece of purple striping tape.  It's a different look for me but I like it!  

For this one, the image reminded me of fancy globes so I did a smoosh base with green and blue (China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and Man Hunt) over a white base to represent Earth's colors.  I stamped it with Mundo de Unas Gold and finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.  

Apologies for the dry skin in this mani.  Good old Alberta air mixed with forgetting to moisturize...

For my final mani of the day, I made decals with Mundo de Unas Silver and a few color-shifting flakie polishes (Dance Legend Bite Tonight, Color Club Snow-Flakes and Indigo Bananas Reign).  I applied them over a black base and matte'ed with Essie Matte About You.  I wanted something dragon-like but I don't think I quite succeeded so I'll have to try again with this one.  

The other product that was included in my package was this awesome scraper.  At first I wasn't too excited at the thought of another scraper but, let me tell you, I haven't put this scraper away.  The clear windows in this scraper are so handy!  My nails tend to be smaller than most brands so it's nice to have an easy way to see how much of an image will fit.  I have some metal templates which are great for picking up certain parts of images but I'm lazy and don't like to dig them out.  I always need a scraper anyway so this is really handy.  It it quite thick and stiff so, if you like a really flexible scraper, you might not like this one but I think it's great.  

If you're interested in either of these or any of It Girl's other stamping plates, you can find them in the links below.

$13.50/plate; $2/scraper
Available at StoreEnvy and Etsy

'Til next time...