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Creative Shop Space Collection Stamper Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a review of the prettiest nail art tool I've seen, the new Creative Shop Space Collection stampers.  I was contacted by Oksana to see if I wanted to try her new stamper and, having already seen photos of them, I jumped on the chance to try them.  I've tried to do a very thorough review here with all sorts of photos and comparison and tests and two full manis.  After reading this, I hope you'll think I succeeded.  I was sent the blue space collection stampers.  It came with one handle, two stamper heads (the light side and the dark side) and a scraper.  You can see why this is called the space collection of stampers - the dark one especially looks like a gorgeous night sky.  Unfortunately my first photo here really doesn't do their appearance justice so be sure to follow the jump to see some better photos.

I was sent the blue space collection stampers but it is also available in gold, green and violet, all with this iridescent material.  I like that both a light and dark coloured head are included so you have options for both light and dark coloured stamping polishes.  As for the scraper, I'm usually not too excited about scrapers but I've found myself using this one a lot.  The edge is smooth so it doesn't leave streaks after scraping like some companies' scrapers do.  When my usual gift card scrapers fail me, this one has  been working so don't discount it and throw it in your pile of other scrapers like I almost did.  

Below is a collage of a few other the features that I wanted to touch on.  First, a comparison of the new Creative Shop stamper with the original.  The handles are the same size but the new one has two ridges that make it easier to hold.  The new stamper has a slightly larger stamping surface (42 mm vs 35 mm original) and, due to the new design for getting it in the handle, is flatter.  This new design involves the ridge that goes around the stamping head.  It allows it to be inserted into the handle very easily, with no fussing about trying to get all the edges in.  

The underside of the stamper has a wagon wheel style.  This makes the stamper very squishy since you're just pushing through air, instead of solid silicone.  Be careful to not push too hard - stamp with a light touch.  The one problem I had with this stamper is that I found it difficult to transfer images right to the edge of my nails.  I know I'm not the only one who has found this so I suspect it is due to the super-squishiness.   

Next I took a quick photo comparing the size of the Space collection stampers with some of my other stamping heads (Original Creative Shop, UberChic Beauty Medium Non-Sticky, Fab Ur Nails and Konad).  

Below is how these stampers picked up, straight out of the package, with no priming whatsoever.  They're almost perfect (the center of the flower on the right is supposed to look like that).  I still gave it them a wash with dish soap and a wipe with acetone but I don't think it was necessary.  

I tried the stampers, with Mundo de Unas Black or White, with a variety of plates - Born Pretty (BP-24), Bundle Monster (BM-310 which isn't etched the greatest), MoYou London (Pro-10) and UberChic Beauty (Love and Marriage 01 which has very fine detail).  I think these stampers worked great for all the entire range of plates despite the varying etching quality.  

Next I tried a variety of polishes to see if any wouldn't pick up.  I've found some stampers to be finicky about what they work with but these appear pretty good.  From top to botton, I used Mundo de Unas, Girly Bits, Rica, Konad, Essie (No Place Like Chrome), Hit The Bottle (Blue-tiful) and M Polish (Copper).  I used an image that has both fine lines and some solid spaces from MoYou London Pro-10.  Some of the solid areas have gaps and Essie No Place Like Chrome didn't really work but other than that I was happy with the image pick up.  

For my first full mani, I used two coats of OPI Let's Be Friends and stamped with  Konad m79 with french tips from M19 using the light side stamper.  Because the stamper is quite flat, it was super easy to line up the tips.  I was surprised how solidly the tips stamped after seeing some of the gaps in the above test.  This mani was finished with Hit The Bottle Satin Finish top coat.  

For my second mani, I did some gradient stamping with the dark side stamper over Girly Bits Get Weaponized.  For the stamping I used Mundo de Unas Yellow, Sunflower and Nabu with Born Pretty BP-65.  I absolutely love how these turned out.  

If you're interested in purchasing one of these pretty stampers for yourself, here is a list of the online retailers that I'm aware of who distribute Creative Shop Space Collection stampers.  If you know of others, please let me know so I can edit the list.

1. USA, Canada - 

'Til next time...

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