Sunday, 22 February 2015

UberChic Beauty Stamping Plate Review - UC 2-03

Hey there!  Sorry about not finishing my reviews of the new UberChic Beauty stamping plates yesterday like I had planned.  I did not get much sleep on Friday so I was a complete couch potato yesterday.  But here we have a mani I did with UberChic plate 2-03.  It's a mini globe on my nails!

I definitely think of UC Plate 2-03 as the vacation plate.  There are so many images on here that are great for summer or beach-themed nail art.  It has a really neat mix of images sizes.  There are 17 full nail images of 17 x 21 mm, a couple (the map and the clouds) that are larger than full nail and an astounding 21 smaller images that stay with the theme.  

I decided to go with the map image for a couple of reasons.  First, a lot of my friends love seeing the world so it made me think of them.  Second, I wanted to see how the images with large areas would stamp.  Large stamped areas are always more difficult to use so my advice is just to scrape lightly at a shallow angle.  Since this image is so big I used my new Creative Shop stamper and made a couple of stamping decals to cut and place on my nails so that I could get the whole map.  At least all of the northern hemisphere.  

The base color I used is Essie Aruba Blue.  Unfortunately it went on bubbly and that mixed with the full nails decals (I still haven't figured out how to apply decals bubble-free) make this a bubbly mess. But hopefully you can overlook the bubbles and see how awesome this image is.  If you're better at lining up images than I am, you could easily use this image without making decals.  

I also used a couple of the smaller image phrases on my pinky and thumb to tie it all together.  

I guess that wraps up review of the UberChic Beauty stamping plates.  But you'll absolutely be seeing this plates on the blog a lot.  These plates are available in bundles of 3 plates for $24.99.  Plate 2-03, that plate I used today, can be found in Collection 2 here.  And, if you haven't yet, follow UberChic Beauty on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest news.  

'Til next time...

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