Friday, 6 February 2015

Superficially Colorful Troubled Love Collection

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Hey there!  It's Friday!  Today I have some swatches of the Valentine's Day collection from Superficially Colourful named Troubled Love.  I've been wearing this collection all week.  I adore that it is inspired by "troubled, one-sided love" with names of songs from Jin's personal musical playlist.  This collection has a little bit of everything - glitter, holographic, thermal, duochrome...everything!  Keep reading to see more swatches and some stamping that I wore on a couple of them.

Before I start I'll apologize for the ragged state of my hands.  Edmonton has been ridiculously dry this week and no amount of oil is able to keep my hands in a decent state which I really noticed when I looked at my photos (darn macro lens!).  That being said, don't let my dry cuticles deter you from this collection.  All the polishes applied effortlessly as I've come to expect from Superficially Colorful.  I really do like how she included so many different finishes in one collection.  Now for the swatches...

Tainted Love -  "It is a tainted pink polish – a duo-chrome that shifts according to the light between green and violet and has a somewhat metallic finish to it."

I didn't pick up a strong duochrome effect, just a very subtle purple/green shift.  Overall this has a metallic purple silver color to it. It also appears to have some holographic shimmer to it but maybe that was just my eyes playing tricks on me.  2 coats plus HK Girl top coat.

Never There - "It is a silver holographic polish with a touch of pink. It’s not a pink polish. It just has this pink… “smell” to it."

There's a nice holographic effect in Never There, not an insane flame but a good solid holo.  It does have a pink tinge to it which my camera didn't pick up properly.  I honestly couldn't stop thinking of unicorns the day I wore this one.  The first photo below is in direct sunlight and the second photo is in my holo-killing light box.  2 coats plus HK Girl top coat.

Foolish Heart - "It is a thermal polish that changes colors from dark crimson blue-ish mulberry red when cold to a fire Sienna red when warm. It is reckless and foolish but it knows what it wants."

This is one amazing thermal polish - sienna red when warm and purple when cold.  It's perfectly sensitive so how you see it below is exactly where my nail bed ends.  The photos below that are the color when fully cold and warm, respectively, though if you look closely you can see where it immediately starts to change.  There's also a really pretty shimmer in it.  I think this one was my favorite of the collection.  2 coats plus HK Girl top coat.

Don't Leave Me This Way - "It is a red-orange crelly (crème/jelly) with matte red glitter of different sizes and just a little bit of red matte hearts glitter. Hesitant and unfinished, stuck with a broken heart between the orange and the red."

This orange-leaning red crelly was more opaque than I find most crelly/glitter combos which was nice since it only required 2 coats to cover the visible nail line  (though I did use 3 coats to try to get more of the large glitters onto my nails).  The large glitters did come out without problem though a tiny bit of fishing was required for the hearts.  Again, there's a nice holographic shimmer in this one as well.  3 coats plus HK Girl top coat.

I Will Survive - "It is a dark berry red jelly with holographic glitter in different sizes. Thin and fragile but uncompromisingly strong."

I Will Survive is a true jelly/glitter polish (not a crelly like Don't Leave Me This Way).  I want to call the base color a perfect raspberry.  The holographic glitters were so sparkly!  I should have taken some out of focus photos to show them off.  3 coats plus HK Girl top coat. 

When I wore Don't Leave Me This Way and I Will Survive, I stamped them with some Valentine's Day images (I couldn't find any sad images that I wanted to use) so I thought I'd share those here as well.  This is Don't Leave Me This Way stamped with Pueen43 and Mundo de Unas Black.  Unfortunately it covered the cool crelly/glitter effect.

And lastly this is I Will Survive stamped with Messy Mansion MM31 with Never There (yup, Never There stamps!).  First I used a glossy top coat then I used OPI Matte Top Coat to matte it.  I do like glitters made matte.

This collection can currently be found for sale on the Superficially Colorful website here.  Each 12 mL bottle sells for $9 US or you can get the entire collection for $42 US.  You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest news.  And if you check out her listings, you can also see the links to the YouTube videos of the songs that inspired the!

'Til next time...