Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Stamping - Chinese New Year Nails

Hey there!  According to my google searching Chinese New Year is this Thursday so it makes sense that it's this week's Adventures In Stamping Sunday stamping challenge theme.  I loved the ones I did last year (mostly because my co-worker told me about what the symbols meant) but I didn't think I should do another symbol-based mani so instead I went with cherry blossoms to celebrate this year.

The base color is two coats of Colors by Llarowe Mighty Red Baron, easily one of my favourite red polishes.  I used it in the 31 Day Challenge so you could see a swatch of it alone there.  There is so much depth to it, especially in direct light.  Hence the reason for so many pictures here...I wanted to capture it in direct light and in the light box.  I just love this polish so much.

For the stamping I made decals with this cherry blossom image from Emily de Molly EDM05.  I used Mundo de Unas Black and white and pink acrylic paint.  Last year my co-worker also taught me about when there's pink and white cherry blossoms but I don't remember my lesson at all so I just used both.

That's all for tonight.  It's a long weekend where I am so hopefully I'll get to play with polish still yet tonight since I didn't get to all day *sad face*

'Til next time...