Thursday, 19 February 2015

UberChic Beauty Stamping Plate Review - UC 2-01

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Second post in one day so sorry if you're sick of me.  I just really wanted to post my current Chinese New Year nails while it's still CNY and I wanted to continue with my review of the UberChic Beauty Stamping plates.  Today's mani was done for the Crumpet's Nail Tarts 52 Week Pick n Mix challenge using 10.1 Polish Frosted Sheers and UberChic Beauty's plate 2-01.

If you've been reading this week's blog posts, you'll know that UberChic Beauty is a new stamping plate maker that has come out with some amazing plates.   The images are large enough for most nails (17 x 21 mm) but the most of images work for smaller nail sizes without losing too much detail.  Plate 2-01 has 20 full nail images, 10 small images and one extra-large buffet-style image.  This plate has a lot of geometric patterns and lots of images for you coffee-lovers out there.  Since coffee makes me a jittery mess and one of this week's 52WPNMC themes was geometric, I went for the cool arrowhead pattern from the bottom of this plate.  

The second prompt for this week's challenge was blue, green, and yellow.  I painted a few of the 10.1 Frosted Sheers in Ocean Mist (blue), Evergreen (green) and Full Moon (yellow) over white to come up with the base for today's mani.  I think this is my favourite style of nail art to do.  It's so quick and looks pretty neat.

For the stamping I used Mundo de Unas Black and this pattern that I at least hope is considered geometric.  I don't know why I always have such a hard time with geometric challenge prompts.  Maybe I don't actually know what geometric means!  Regardless of definition, this pattern stamped really easily and all the straight lines didn't even warp too badly with my squishy stamper.  

UberChic Beauty plates are available in bundles of 3 plates, currently for $24.99 plus $5 shipping within the US or $10 for international shipping.  Plate 2-01, shown today, is available in Collection 2 here.  And check out her Instagram and Facebook page for updates or to see how others have used these stamping plates.

10.1 Polish Frosted Sheers are available here and they also have Facebook and Instagram that you can follow for updates and ideas.

'Til next time...