Friday, 13 February 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Patterns On Pattern: Day 5 Water Marble On Gradient Nails

Hey there!  Well it's the last day of The Digit-al Dozen's Patterns on Patterns week and I'm glad I managed to pull out five looks for this theme.  It was a tough one!  For my final look I'm really stretching the definition of the term "pattern".  It's really more of a "technique on technique" mani.  I wasn't going to include it but I absolutely loved how it turned out so I'm throwing it out there anyways!  Keep reading for details AND to see the other couple of patterns-on-patterns that I rejected for these ones.

For these I started with a gradient of Sally Hansen Rapid Red, Pumpkin Queen and Lightening over a white base.  I was so convinced (based on experience) that the water marble wasn't going to work that I didn't even take a photo of the gradient by itself.  It was more vibrant than it's showing up here but I'll explain why in a second.  

I was sure that the water marbling wasn't going to work, not because water marbling is a pain in the behind, but because I've tried water marbling with clear polish SO many times and it's never been successful.  Never ever.  BUT this time I had read a blog post (that unfortunately I didn't bookmark) that said they used a sheer polish instead of a clear.  So I tried that and marbled with a new bottle of OPI Black Onyx (newer polish seems to work better) and Essie Allure, a sheer nude polish.  And look, it worked!  

I think because Allure does have some color to it, it kind of dulled the red of the gradient especially but I'll take it.  I've now bought a new bottle of Allure because I know I'm going to be doing this so often now!

And now for the rejects.  I wanted some dots over stripes as a simple mani and I love brown and pink together so I tried this.  I do love the color combo but since I had tried to alternate big and little dots but I'm so not a pro at keeping dot size consistent, it just looked kind of random and not intentional at all.

I also tried "double processed stamping" after seeing a tutorial in the Adventures in Stamping group (which Lacquer Lockdown has done a wonderful YouTube video for).  Unfortunately my stamping had so many flaws that I tossed it in favour of the gradient water marble.  But I'll be trying this again soon, I'm sure.

I guess that's it for Patterns on Patterns.  Check out below to see what the other ladies did for their final day mani's.  

'Til next time...