Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lacquistry Chinese New Year

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  Since Sunday's stamping challenge was Chinese New Year nails, I wasn't going to do another CNY post BUT then I received my order with Lacquistry Chinese New Year yesterday and I couldn't resist putting it on last night.  And since I wasn't tired at midnight, I decided to stamp it to make it even more festive (and so I could show my co-workers from China today).

Now you can see why I couldn't resist trying Lacquistry Chinese New Year as soon as I got home last night.  It's not secret that I have a love of sparkly red nail polish though I seem to collect it more than I actually wear it.  I adore Amazeballz and I had seen posts with a red version, REDilicious and one I needed it.  Then I saw that Jenna has had come with an even more red version and I might have had to purchase both.  Luckily I wasn't disappointed!

Chinese New Year is a bright red polish made of these awesome metal flakes.  It's so shiny!  And this is just one coat!  I can't wait to see if it stamps.  I read that REDilicious does so I bet this one will too.

Then, because it is indeed Chinese New Year today, I stamped with a couple of images from Bundle Monster BM-H15 using Mentality Shirin.  Finished it off with HK Girl and I was good to go for today.  

I actually sent a picture of my nails to my co-workers when I finished them last night and one of them replied this morning telling me this symbol means happiness.  So I'm wishing all of you happiness for the upcoming year.

It appears that Chinese New Year is currently out of stock in Lacquistry's Etsy shop but she does have a Facebook page if you're interested in getting restock info.  That's how I learned about this beautiful polish.

'Til next time...