Friday, 27 February 2015

UberChic Beauty Magic Dust and Skyline Stamping

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Happy Friday!  Last week I shared my thought on the UberChic Beauty stamping plates. Along with the plates, I was sent a jar of this neat product she has called Magic Dust that is specially formulated to work with nail polish to spruce up any nail polish.   Then, of course, I stamped it with a skyline image from plate 2-02.

To show the transforming power of Magic Dust, I used a black base for the most dramatic effect.  I had just bought KBShimmer Eclipse so I thought I'd show it here.  This is two coats.  Not the most opaque black I have but it does have a great formula at a good price if you're looking for a new black.  

The Magic Dust I was sent is called Mad Hatter.  Magic Dust is meant to be "scrubbed' into the gel polish or mixed with top coat for application though I've also seen it just sprinkled on top of tacky nail polish.  Since I don't use gel polish, I mixed some Mad Hatter into Sally Hansen Invisible and then applied a coat over the black base.  It transforms the black into this shimmery purple color.  I tried it over white as well and it shows less purple on white.  It looked more like a ethereal pale lilac shimmer.  It also looked really cool with black stamping over white covered with a coat of Magic Dust.   Next time I try it I'll try to use less of the Magic Dust or more of the clear polish to get a more even application.

I then stamped the skyline and stars from UC 2-02 using Mundo de Unas Black and White.  Then these images are large, I stamped them separately to get both parts of the image onto my nails.  I finished with a coat of HK Girl top coat.  

UberChic Beauty Magic Dust is available here for $10.99 each.  She currently has 4 colors available, all of which look pretty spectacular.  

'Til next time...