Monday, June 10, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Vacation with UberChic Beauty Beach Please and Modern Tropical

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Hey there!  It's time for a new Digit-al Dozen week!  This month our theme is Vacation and, since when I think of vacation, I think of tropical destinations which fits perfectly with two new plates from UberChic Beauty that I received to review.  The last package I received contained a bunch of wrapped up surprise plates to be opened and revealed on certain days.  On May 29th, she released these two plates, Beach Please and Modern Tropical.  And this week there will be a new plate everyday.  How fun!  In addition, she has recently released some gel polish including stamping gel polish which is what I used for all the stamping today.  I do have swatches of each as well but I haven't gotten them up yet.  Hopefully that'll be up tomorrow in case you wanted to have a look at everything on its own as well.

First up is Beach Please.  This is one of UberChic Beauty's standard sized plates (9.5 x 14.5 cm) with loads of beach-y patterns.  There's a few layered images and some negative space (always a favourite of mine) as well as a lot of individual images.  I had no issues with any of the images on either plate but that's the standard UberChic has set now.  I never expect problems.  

Products Used:
Base: 2 coats Danglefoot Polish Welcome to The Freaking Guardians of the Galaxy then randomly applied Emily de Molly Sea of Lies, Save Your Boredom, Under-Tones, Limerick, The Uttermost and then applied 2 coats of All The Feelings
Stamping: UberChic Beauty Essential White gel stamping polish
Top coat: UberChic Beauty no wipe gel top coat
Note: this image matches their hologram tote so I wanted to try to match the tote as much as possible

Products Used:
Base: 2 coats UberChic Beauty Meet Me In Tahiti gel polish
Stamping: UberChic Beauty My Favourite Black and Chic To Be Pink gel stamping polish
Top coat: UberChic Beauty no wipe gel top coat

Modern Tropical is one of UberChic Beauty's mini plates so it measures 6 x 12 cm.  There's no full nail images on this plate but there's quite a few layered images.  It's really a mix n match plate.  My brain normally likes full nail images better but I ended up really liking how the manis came together for this plate.  Maybe I should step out of my box more often!  

Products Used:
Base: Gradient of KBShimmer Stonewashed and Cirque Colors High Line and Uptown Girl
Stamping: UberChic Beauty My Favourite Black, Essential White, Chic To Be Pink and Hello Sunshine gel stamping polish
Top coat: UberChic Beauty no wipe gel top coat
Note: inspired by this photo

Products Used:
Base: Girly Bits Cosmetics Forget Me? Not!
Stamping: UberChic Beauty Green Come True, Hello Sunshine and Essential White gel stamping polish
Top coat: UberChic Beauty no wipe gel top coat

So that's all for my first Digit-al Dozen nails of the month.  It's kind of like a 4-for-1.  Unfortunately the rest of my DD posts this week will be one mani only...and honestly none of them are as good as these four.  Hopefully I've also given you some ideas for manis you could do with the new UberChic Beauty plates.  With a new plate every day this week, I think it's fair to say that I'll be having some new UberChic posts coming up shortly too!  

$14.99 USD/Beach Please plate
$7.99 USD/Modern Tropical mini plate
Available at UberChic Beauty

'Til next time...

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