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Lina Nail Art Supplies Stamping Polish and Fearless Top Coat Review

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Hey there!  I hope everybody is having a lovely week.  Today I'm sharing some playing I did last week with Lina Nail Art Supplies recent release of stamping polishes and top coat.  She's been making amazing stamping plates for awhile now and I'm pleased to report that she's done a great job with her stamping polish line as well.  The Queen Of Carnival collection is a set of 5 vibrant metallic stamping polishes inspired by Mardi Gras.  In addition to those 5, she more recently released a black stamping polish and top coat that are formulated to work well with powders, foils and more.  Overall these are really welcome additions to my collection!

First let's start with the Queen of Carnival stamping polish.  Each of these is 7-free, cruelty-free and vegan.  I'm showing them all stamped over black and white as well as showing two coats on their own.  Since these have a metallic finish, there is a bit of brushstrokes that show but they are minor.  Each is shown with a coat of Fearless top coat on top.  

emerald green metallic stamping polish 
far less silver than bottle suggests
stamping plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies Get Wild! 01

cool-toned light gold metallic stamping polish 
stamping plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies 4 Seasons-Spring 01

purple metallic stamping polish 
less silver than bottle suggests
stamping plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies Make Your Mark 05

magenta metallic stamping polish 
stamping plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies 4 Seasons - Summer 02

bright yellow metallic stamping polish 
stamping plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies Get Wild 1

Now onto the other two products.  These are both formulated to work with other nail art techniques such as powders and foils.  Having tried these techniques with other products, I will vouch that they do work seem to work better than others.  

black creme stamping polish
stamping plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies Feeling Shapely 09

Stamp stick black is formulated to be slower drying so it's good for picking up fine lines and for applying powders or foils over it.  I tried applying a powder over it here and it worked great.  I used KBShimmer The Snuggle Is Real as a base, stamped with Stamp Stick Black and Lina Nail Art Supplies Dress Your Nails 02 and rubbed copper chrome powder from Born Pretty on top.  The stamping polish dried slow enough that I managed to stamp all my nails on one hand then rub the powder in.  This close up it doesn't look super smooth but it was good in real life.  

Fearless Top Coat is 9-free and vegan.  It is formulated to not smear stamping and to apply over chrome or foils to prevent cracking.  I used it over all my swatches and applied some pressure to see if it did prevent smearing of the image and it really did.  I did note that it doesn't have a super glossy finish so you may want to add a final coat of a different top coat if that's what you're after.  

Since Fearless isn't a quick dry top coat, I thought it'd be good for applying reverse stamping off the stamper.  For this mani I used a white base and used images from Make Your Mark 02.  For the reverse stamping I used Stamp Stick Black as the stamping image and filled it with the Queen of Carnival colors.  It dried at a good pace to apply the reverse stamping.  However I did squish one of the nails after applying it as an end top coat since I'm more used to a quick dry top coat.  For the other nails, I did gradient stamping with all 5 colors.  

Lastly I tested Fearless Top Coat over foils.  If you've ever tried foils you know that almost every top coat cracks them to bits but, if you don't top coat, the foil wears off quickly.  Here I used a foil over Pipe Dream Polish Celebration.  There are still some visible cracks but that could easily be from the application (since my nails are curved so the foils fold a bit in placed when I rub them on).  This will definitely be the top coat I use over foils from now on since everything else I have tried doesn't work as well as this.  

Overall I'm a happy camper with these new Lina Nail Art Supplies products.  The stamping polishes are not the most unique colors if you've been collecting stamping polish for as long as I have but they are very user-friendly so would be great if you're newer to stamping and don't have a huge stash.  Stamp Stick Black and Fearless top coat would be a great addition to pretty much everybody's collection since they are formulated to work with the "fancier" stamping techniques.  

$9.99 USD each
Available from Lina Nail Art Supplies

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