Thursday, 27 June 2019

Maniology Pineapple Whip Stamping Starter Kit

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Hey there!  Today I have a look at one of the newer stamping kits from Maniology.  Occasionally they come out with these "stamping starter kits" which are great for starters since they come with a stamper but they're also great for us veterans because it's sort of like a mini Mani X Me box.  You get polish and a plate and who doesn't need an extra stamper (especially if you like doing reverse stamping so you can do them all at once)?  This is the Pineapple Whip Starter Kit.  Since Maniology is based in Hawaii, there's often a bit of a pineapple feel to them...probably because they often include pineapple-flavored gummy candy in orders which just so happen to be the most delicious candy ever invented.  It just made sense for them to make a whole pineapple-themed kit!  Now normally I'd say use the code COPY10 to save yourself 10% (which you can do on any regular priced Maniology order) but it's currently on sale for for only $15 USD (regular $24 USD) which is almost 40% off so if this interests you, I'd say jump on it now while it's on sale.

Maui Gold (7 mL)

Maui Gold is a bright buttery yellow creme polish.  As a regular polish, it was a tiny bit patchy (as yellows tend to be) but two coats was good for full coverage.  Shown is 2 coats plus top coat.  Please note these polishes are smaller than regular Maniology polishes (7 mL vs. 13 mL for regular size).  

Plantation Tea (7mL)

Plantation Tea is a teal green creme polish.  The formula is great.  Shown is 2 coats plus top coat.  

Limited Edition Yellow Tinted Stamper

This stamper is a better version of the Ice Cube stamper that comes with your first Mani X Me box.  It's much squishier and has better image pick up.  I did still prep it by giving the stamper head a little wash with dish soap and then wiping it with rubbing alcohol so you may need to do the same.  After prep, it worked great.  The yellow tint to the holder doesn't impair seeing the image at all.  It's still essentially a clear stamper.  You can see in my photo that I had already used it for my first mani and didn't get all the old stamping off...proof that I really did use it for my designs today, haha!    

Party Like A Pineapple M051 Stamping Plate

The star of the show is definitely the pineapple stamping plate.  Maybe it's because I love pineapple (I even bought a shirt in Hawaii that said "Feed me pineapple and tell me I'm beautiful") but I think this plate is too cute.  Images picked up easily and there's a good variety of full nail images and smaller images.  

For my first mani I used Polished For Days Salt Water as a base and stamped with the two polishes in the kit.  For the outer nails I did gradient stamping and for the inner ones I used the polishes separately.  Even over this dark a base the stamping polishes are really opaque.  

This was the image I was most drawn to on the plate so I didn't want to obscure it with anything fancy.  For these I used Fair Maiden Polish Parachutes (from March's Polish Pickup) and stamped with Maniology's Straight Up Black and finished with matte top coat.  

This kit, especially on sale, is a great buy.  But, if you feel you're maxed out on stampers, the polishes (full sized) and plate are also available for purchase separately.  In that case, definitely use the code COPY10 to save yourself 10%.

$24 USD/set (currently on sale for $15 USD)
Available at Maniology
Use code COPY10 to save 10% off your Maniology order 

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  1. Beautiful post, loving Maniology and their pineapple themes.