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Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Comparison and Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a blog of a few products from Whats Up Nails.  This summer they came out with their Aurora Pigment, a powder that gives a beautiful unicorn chrome look to lighter base colors.  More recently they released 3 new Aurora products, the "Supreme" line.  There's a powder, a pigment and some flakies in this line.  I was lucky enough to receive all 3 of them.  I tested all three out and did some stamping with the B014 Magical Playground plate.  I also did a comparison of these three with the original pigment.  The differences are subtle but hopefully they might help anyone who is trying to decide which of these to purchase.  This post is pretty photo heavy (I really love the Aurora products) so buckle in!

Aurora Powder Comparison

I'll start with the comparison.  As I mentioned, the differences here are subtle but here's my notes on all 4 Aurora products.

(labelled Original Powder in my photo above):
- green-pink-purple metallic shift over white
- larger particles
- have to buff a lot for smooth finish 

-similar to original except shift is more blue-lavender with pink at the edges

-blue-lavender-pink metallic shift over white
-more finely milled
-smoother finish (but still requires buffing)

-iridescent flakies
-metallic look
-blue and light purple shift over white
-gold-green-orange shift over black
-large fragments compared to other flakies

I took a macro photo of a nail with each product.  Keep in mind that these photos are really close up.  None of the powders actually look this flecky in real life, unless you put eyeballs right close to your nail (which, admittedly, some of us might do sometimes).  

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm plate (images up to 15 x 21 mm)

Since I used the B014 stamping plate with all of the powders and flakies today, here's the shot of the images available on the plate.  It's so fun and whimsical so I thought it matched the feeling I get from the Aurora products perfectly.  The etching was absolutely perfect to me.  I've never had any complaints with the Whats Up Nails stamping plates.  

$21.75 USD
1 gram

Unfortunately, the link I have for the Aurora Supreme Powder isn't working at the moment.  I can't say for sure but I think that it might just be currently sold out.  I applied this over white gel polish and no wipe top coat.  It did apply slightly easier than the Pigment but did still require more buffing than the Magic Shifting Powders.  There's still a hint to flecks but for the most part the finish is smooth and quite metallic.  

My stamping was inspired by this post from @nailsbyfreckles.  I first stamped with Mundo de Unas Dark Grey then did gradient stamping like her with Bikini, Bubble Gum and Lilac.  It's not very seasonal but I love how these turned out so much!  

$21.75 USD
1 gram

To change these up, I tried the Aurora Supreme Pigment over a light blue base (Madam Glam Aqua Blue).  It gave it a metallic greyish blue color with a lavender and green shift.  Even though the pigment has larger particle sizes, you can see that it still has a pretty smooth finish.  

This stamping looks like it's straight from My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite or the Care Bears to me (can you tell I grew up in the 80's?).  I stamped everything with Mundo de Unas Navy Blue.  The clouds with stamped straight with White after that but the rainbow was some advanced stamping using White and the Moonflower Polish Rainbow Cremes.  

$21.75 USD
0.3 grams

The final product is the Supreme Aurora Flakies.  These flakies are different than the iridescent flakies I've tried from Whats Up Nails.  They still appear clear and are super shift BUT look at the metallic look they give!  Over black, they're particularly shifty and have a completely different color shift than over light colors with more of a metallic gold-green look with even a hint of orange.  

But of course I had to try them over white as well because I wanted girly nails to go with the Magical Playground plate.  They give a completely different look over white, with the blue-purple shift.  I also notes that these flakies were really big which is something you never find with the less expensive flakies - not that I've yet to see this type of unicorn-shifty flakie anywhere else at all.  

Here I stamped with Mundo de Unas Black and filled the reverse stamping with Hit The Bottle Champagne Shifter.  I could almost fit the whole fairy on my nail which is pretty exciting for me and my not-so-long nails.  

As I mentioned, the link I have for the Aurora Supreme Powder isn't currently working.  I'm not sure if that means it's just sold out at the moment but I would suggest checking back at a later date to try to get your hands on it.  But if you can't, the Supreme Pigment is certainly no slouch.  I really do love the ethereal look all of the Aurora products give so you can't go wrong with any of them, in my opinion.  

Available at What's Up Nails

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