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Bundle Monster Happily Never After Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Bundle Monster's newest collection of plates isn't specifically Halloween-themed but it could be.  The Happily Never After collection is a set of 5 plates all inspired by fairy tales.  And they do a very good job reminding us that the original stories behind them are actually quite frightening!  While you could definitely do a some scary designs with each of the plates, I realize that not everyone wants plates that you can only use at Halloween so I tried to come up with designs that could be worn year round.  In other words, don't let the time of the release of these plates make you feel that they're only for Halloween.  They can easily be used whenever you want!  

These plates are available as a collection of 5 (which can be found here) but they're also available individually (which I will link with that plate's mani).  They measure 6 x 12 mm.  The styles are all quite varied so there no one way to measure the images.  They range from smaller, individual images to large multi-nail designs so there lots to fit almost everyone.  The quality of the etching was grea.  I had no issues with picking any of them up and transferring them.

Inspired by Snow White

I'm so embarrassed to have to start with this one.  I did a lot of leadlighting over Madam Glam Forbidden Mini Skirt with Esmatles da Kelly Soap Bubbles and Nfu Oh JS shades.  But apparently I can't paint within the lines so these are pretty messy.  But it's still a super cool plate!  

inspired by Hansel and Gretel

While Hansel and Gretel is probably the most terrifying of all the fairy tales, I opted to go for something cute and soft to use this plate (even though I was very tempted to use the child in the bird cage image...when else is that appropriate?!).  I used Pretty Serious Pet Names gradiented over white and stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and Mundo de Unas White and topped with HK Girl.  

inspired by Sleeping Beauty

I love dragon nails so I used this plate as an excuse to do some.  I used some loose Born Pretty flakies over Vapid Lacquer Purple Poison to start.  The stamping is either double stamped or advanced stamped with Mundo de Unas Black and Avocado.  I liked it shiny but it showed up better with a matte top coat so that's how I finished it.  

inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

This is my favourite plate of the set.  I love all the cool wolf imagery.  For these I started with Girly Bits Yes, We Can.  I stamped the story script with Mundo de Unas Dark Grey and then the individual images with Red and Black.  OPI matte top coat was how I finished.  

inspired by Cinderella

While the Little Red Riding Hood plate is my favourite, this mani is my favourite of the bunch.  I used OPI Do You See What I See as the blue base.  The stamping was Mundo de Unas Black filled with Mundo de Unas White and Born Pretty Gold.  For Cinderella's slipper, I stamped over the black with white and then OPI Push and Shove.  The moon and stars were also double stamped with Push and Shove.  Finally I finished with OPI matte top coat.  

If any of you have a love of fairy tales and/or some dark twists on them, the Happily Never After collection is for you!  I ended up enjoying it even more than I thought I would when I saw previews of it.  And like I said, don't be fooled into thinking this is a Halloween collection.  It's dark and disturbing for all times of the year!

$22.50 USD/set of 5 plates
$5.50 USD/individual plate
Available at Bundle Monster

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