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Moonflower Polish Holographic and Metallic Stamping Polish Swatches & Review

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Hey there!  Today marks the release of two new stamping polish collections from Moonflower Polish.  There's a set of 6 holographics which are absolutely perfect for fall  and a set of 5 metallics.  Both collections are lovely, both as stamping polish AND as regular polish.  Maybe some of you have noticed but I pretty consistently use Moonflower Polish not just for stamping but also for nail art since it's so opaque.  It's fabulous for gradients and for quickly painting in reverse stamping.  I'm happy to now have these sets in my possession so I can do the same with them!  As a side note, the creator, Nadia, is such a perfectionist that she noticed some parts of these formulations that she thought could be made even better so she has since modified them a bit (which I'll make note of in my descriptions).  You gotta love a maker that wants to keep improving her product!  Keep reading for all the details and links.

All the holographics have a golden shimmer to them and holographic micro flakes which gives them that slightly dusty look that I love in the cooler weather.  With the micro flakes however, they do give the stamping a slightly more speckled appearance so you might lose some fine detail (like I did for the first one below).  But there's enough color in the base that they're still very opaque.  For my photos, these were stamped over white or black gel polish with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat.  The swatch nails were all quite opaque at one coat but I'm showing two coats with top coat.  Nadia messaged me saying that she's made the holographics even more opaque so they look better over white. The current formulation could be true one-coaters now.  The top two photos of each are in a light box while the third is in direct light (so you can see more of the sparkle).  

slightly green-toned yellow stamping polish
stamped with Lina Nail Art Supplies Autumn 01

charcoal grey stamping polish
stamped with Lina Nail Art Supplies Autumn 01

I think this one would be extra gorgeous over colors (not just black and white).  

dusty red stamping polish
stamped with Lina Nail Art Supplies Autumn 01

Really is like sparkly cranberry sauce color!

dusty grass green stamping polish 
stamped with Born Pretty Store BPL-026

I love green with a golden shimmer.  This one will be great year round!  

brown stamping polish 
stamped with Born Pretty Store BPL-026

Doesn't this one looks so warm and inviting, over black especially?

Pecans & Caramel

burnt orange stamping polish 
stamped with Born Pretty Store BPL-026

This one is truly fall in a bottle.  Doesn't it immediately make you think of all things warm and spicy?

I have such a huge love of metallic stamping polish so this collection was really exciting for me.  The finishes on these vary a bit from completely smooth metallics to some that look more flecky.  Again, the swatches were done at two coats with Clearly On Top top coat.  As with all metallics, to avoid a streaky look, be sure to apply the second coat with light pressure.  All the stamping was done with Born Pretty Store BPL-003

bright gold stamping polish with microflake finish

While I wouldn't call this "antique" myself, it is a lovely gold.

smooth bronze stamping polish

The formula on this was a tad thick but Nadia has thinned it a bit in the current formulation.  I know I'll be using this one a ton!  

red-leaning copper stamping polish (somewhere between the microflake and the completely smooth finish)

I found this formula a bit on the sheer side.  Nadia noticed before it was even mentioned and has since made it more opaque.  

light pink stamping polish with strong gold shimmer

Holy, isn't this one gorgeous?!  It's completely unique in my stamping polish collection.  Over white, you see more of the pink and over black it's more gold.  I wore this one as a full mani all its own. 


silver stamping polish with slight microflake finish

This one has a unique platinum finish.  It's not the smoothest finish but that sometimes the flecky finish is what you need.  

These polishes are now available but get yours quick since supplies are currently limited (there appears to be a bottle supplier issue).  And if there's any other colors you've been waiting to be restocked, they're all there!

Holographic: $9 USD/15 mL bottle or $5 USD/7 mL bottle
Metallic: $7 USD/15 mL bottle or $4 USD/7 mL bottle
Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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