Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bundle Monster Rub On Halloween Decals

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Hey there!  Today I have a product that I've never tried before from Bundle Monster.  Did you know that rub on decals are a thing because I sure didn't!  I remember using rub transfers when I was a child but never fathomed that I'd be using them on nails one day.  It turns out that Bundle Monster has a few sets of these rub on decals.  I got to try the Halloween rub on decals.  While I'll probably always love stamping the most, these were really fun to play with.  It was like reliving childhood!

The Halloween Rub On Decals comes with a package of the 4 sheets that you can see below.  While I personally feel you could accomplish the black only images with stamping a bit easier, the colored ones give a look that definitely couldn't be achieved with stamping.  My experience with them was mixed.  Some of the images transferred with very little effort and some took a pretty significant amount of rubbing (I used a silicone tool, like the ones people use for applying powders).  The biggest challenge was trying to hold down the decal where I wanted to while using the silicone tool to rub.  For those I felt like I needed one more hand.

For my first mani I did a gradient of Moonflower Polish Dia, Amarillo and Anaranjado and applied the decals.  When using the black decals, do take note of which side was attached to the paper (i.e.. which side goes down) because both sides look the same but only ones side will transfer (it should be a tiny bit sticky in case you forget like I did).  The bones transferred effortlessly while the skulls took a bit more rubbing.  These were finished with KBShimmer Oh Matte!.  

These are a smooshy stamper marble using KBShimmer How You Dune?, Stonewashed and Little Boy Hue.  For the decals, some transferred easily and some took more rubbing (like the large trick or treat bag).  

For these I used the lovely peachy Femme Fatale Sunrise Funfair as a base and applied the decals. None of these took any effort whatsoever.  They all stuck almost as soon as they touched the nail!  

And lastly I used these coloured decals over Illyrian Polish Hypnotize.  These were actually the first ones I did with these decals and I had issues with getting them to transfer.  I have to admit that I got so frustrated that I didn't even want to try the other ones but I'm glad I didn't give up.  I think maybe the coloured printing makes them more difficult but I can't say for sure.  

In conclusion, I have mixed feelings about these.  I like the look they give, especially the coloured ones, but I found some of the decals hard to get to stick to the nails.  And the act of holding the decal against my curved nails while rubbing with the silicone tool was challenging.  But I did use them one my niece more easily so I think I'll personally be saving these for when I'm doing someone else's nails.  

$5.50/set of 4 sheets
Available at Bundle Monster

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