Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Oil Slick Drip Marble Nails

Hey there!  Since I started playing with nail polish, I've been after the perfect oil slick mani.  Way back in 2013, I used the China Glaze Bohemian collection to do this water marble which did not turn out to look anything like an oil slick.  Last month I decided to dig out those polishes and try again, this time with a drip marble.  It also doesn't actually look like an oil slick so I guess I'm titling this post more for my goal than the result.  Oil slick or not, I absolutely loved this mani.  But after applying it, I thought the colors looked a bit like Mardi Gras colors so I decided to save posting it until now since Mardi Gras was just yesterday.  Today is also the one year anniversary of the end of my vacation in New Orleans so New Orleans is certainly on my mind.

I used the entire China Glaze Bohemian Collection (from 2012) to make some drip marble decals for this mani.  I thought it looked so cool that I took this pic and have been using it as the wallpaper on my phone ever since.  

Just in case you want a list of the polish names in this collection they are: Deviantly Daring, No Plain Jane, Rare & Radiant, Swanky Silk, Unpredictable, Want My Bawdy.

After the drip marble was dry, I chopped it into decals and applied them over a black base.  I assume I finished it with a top coat since I wore this mani for a couple days but didn't write down which one.  

That's all for today.  My mission for an oil slick mani continues.  There's some great ones out there, I just haven't been able to achieve the look myself.  But I'll keep trying!  

'Til next time...

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