Friday, 10 March 2017

Nail Crazies Unite - Rainbow

Hey there!  I really like color but you'd never know if to look at me.  99% of my clothes are either black or grey.  My nails are easily the most colorful part of me.  So when I saw that this week's Nail Crazies Unite theme was Rainbow, I went full-on rainbow...and then added some black.  Since I was a sucker for punishment, I wanted to see if I could do this all with stamping.  If you've stamped, you know that straight lines and stamping aren't exactly best friends.  Much less this many straight lines in one mani.  There's definitely some white peeking through but I'm still very much in love with these.

The explanation for this is really simple.  I used a white base (KBShimmer Eyes White Open) and then stamped with an entire rainbow of Mundo de Unas polishes (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Purple and Black). 

All the stripes came from the same Lina Nail Art Supplies Feeling Shapely! 01 image.  It's one with the diagonal stripes like the black stamping shows.  For the colors, I just kept one of the stripes and removed the extras from my stamper with tape. A clear stamper was absolutely essential to doing this.  Can you imagine trying to line that many stripes up without one?!  Even with the clear stamper, these took an entire Sunday afternoon.  

Rainbows always make for fun nail art so I seriously can't wait to see how the other ladies do their nails.  They can all be found in the links below...check them out!

'Til next time...

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