Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Delush Polish Four Years of Grapeness

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Recently Delush Polish reached their four year anniversary and to celebrate they created a brand new polish named Four Years Of Grapeness (seriously, could that name be any more appropriate?!).  I was lucky enough to get a bottle of this beauty to review so I spent some time playing with it and pairing it with a couple different stamping images that I thought worked well with it.  I know I'm a stamping addict but who doesn't agree that stamping can look pretty cool over an awesome glitter-filled polish like this one?

Four Years of Grapeness is, as you can see, a purple jelly that is absolutely full of glitter - there's numerous sizes of Delush Polish's signature circle glitter as well as a couple of sizes of tiny hex glitter.  The base is a deep enough color that I only needed two coats for full opacity AND didn't need to fish for a single glitter.  It does need top coat to smooth out the glitter, especially the larger ones that might stick out.  I used HK Girl top coat for all my photos.   

The glitter comes in pink, magenta, green and bronze colors.  This is where the only issue comes from with having such a good coverage base.  The glitter colors did tend to drowned out by the purple base unless they were sitting right at the surface.  If you wanted to show off all the colors, glitter placement would be your best bet.  I wanted to show you how it applied naturally on me so I left it as is.    

Since my swatches don't show off the fun glitter colors, I took a macro shot of my bottle.  Here you can see all of them.  It's like a party in a bottle.  

The first stamping look I'm sharing has one of my go-to color combinations - purple and gold.  I always feel so regal when I pair these colors.  These were stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold and my favourite Delush Polish stamping plate, DP02 (Dazed & Enthused).  It's currently unavailable but if you can ever get your hands on it, go for it.  I like it since there's enough open space in the images that your base color can shine through which is important when you're using a fun base like this one.  

For my second stamping mani, I wanted something to go along with the grape theme.  This image from UberChic Beauty 11-01 looked a bit like bunches of grapes to me so I stamped it with Mundo de Unas Green.  Circle stamping on circle glitter - how fun!  

If you're interested, this polish is already available at Delush Polish.  If you're a lover of circle glitter like I am, or if you've never tried it before, this is a must have particularly with it only requiring two coats!  

$9.75/15 mL polish
(All polishes are 5-free)
Available at Delush Polish

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