Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Digit-al Dozen redoes Art - Raphael's Cherubs

Hey there!  For my second Digit-al Dozen art design, I did some stamping.  Sounds easy enough, right?  This actually ended up being one of my most complicated manis this week since the stamping was really just the most basic part...after that I jazzed it up to try to make it look like the actual painting.  Again, I was really happy with how these turned out.  But I will admit that I only did this on my left hand.  I went to work the next day with just the base color and the stamping so they really didn't match at all!

My inspiration was the cherubs from Raphael's The Sistine Madonna.  This little angels pretty much haunt me.  My sister had these guys EVERYWHERE back in the day!  I didn't even know they were just a tiny part of a much larger painting until I looked them up for this prompt.  So nail art is educational!   

My version started with a base of Cirque Colors Don't Forget The Cannoli that I stamped with MoYou London Artist 10 and M Polish Elizabethan.  

For all the coloring and shading, I used either the watercolor technique by diluting polish with acetone (or acrylic paint with water) or just sheer polish.  The colors I used were Zoya Flynn, Cirque Colors Storm King and Esmaltes da Kelly Soft Rosa.  

Like most of my art manis this week, I finished with a matte top coat.  Apparently I don't see much art as shiny though tomorrow's mani was left shiny.  It's probably my favourite from the week so I hope you stop by again then! 

In the links below, you can find everyone else's artsy Day 2 designs.  Go click around and show them some love <3

'Til next time...

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