Sunday, 19 March 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Spring Animals

Hey there!  I'm two days late with this week's instalment of 26 Great Nail Art Ideas.  I don't even have an excuse.  I've just been lazy (I even still have my St. Patrick's Day nails on) and I wasn't particularly thrilled with how these turned out so I was in no rush to show them.  This week's theme was Spring Animals which immediately made me think of bunnies.  I recently bought one of the MoYou London Animals plates which has rows and rows of the same animal and one of the images was bunnies.  So thought pairing it with an accent of a big bunny would be cute.  Instead I think I created some sort of evil rabbit overlord.  Seriously, this looks like a bunny cult, doesn't it?

Another place this kind of failed was the base.  I did a smoosh marble base with OPI That's Hula-rious!, Mod About You and My Boyfriend Scales walls.  But with all that black stamping from MoYou London Animals 06, you can't see it.  

The big bunny accent is from Bundle Monster BM-S152 which was done with the same colors plus Do You Take Lei Away?.  His eyebrow whiskers make him look a bit intimidating eh?

Even though I didn't love how this one turned out, I think I should still use this Animals plate again soon.  It's really quite adorable.  Next time I just won't subject the little guys to a giant monster!

Thanks for swinging by.  Down below will be everyone else's spring animals posts.  I'm sure they're all adorable and worth checking out.

'Til next time...

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