Monday, November 16, 2015

UberChic Beauty 6-01 Stamping Plate Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  UberChic Beauty is really exploding these days.  There's a new Facebook group devoted to UberChic products AND the UberMat is now available on Amazon!  So I'm really excited to be showing you part of the latest UberChic stamping plate collection, Collection 6 today.  I received these and the new Christmas plate last week and I haven't stopped playing with them since.  I'm always amazed at the quality of plates and the creativity of the images that UberChic puts out; this collection is definitely no exception.  I do believe it might be my favourite collection to date.  I'm going to post manis done with each plate separately this week so, logically, today I'm starting with the first plate, 6-01.

Below is a scan of the actual plate UC 6-01 I received from UberChic Beauty.  This one screams "PARTY!" to me with a couple of birthday related images, a Happy New Year and the balloons and streamers.  That being said, it's mostly offering just a great variety of images, with a delicate buffet-style image (upper left), a pseudo-water marble image (right hand side) and some negative space hearts and stars.  I LOVE negative space images because it means you have a glitter or another flashy polish be what stands out in a mani.  As with UberChic's other plates the plate measures 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm with the full nail images measures 17 x 21 mm. 

Okay, this could be one of my favourite manis I've ever done.  I adore pansies.  I don't know if my parents had planted them in our yard when I was little or if they just grew like weeds but we randomly had pansies popping up in the weirdest places.  Therefore pansies always remind me of my childhood so I knew I was going to have to use this image when I received this plate.  

To do these, I started with a white base of KBShimmer Eyes White Open, stamped with Mundo de Unas Black and then leadlighted with Esmaltes da Kelly Soap Bubbles in Yellow, Purple, Soft Roxo, Leaf and Moss.  The black polish is A England Camelot.  

For my second 6-01 mani, I was getting into the Christmas spirit early.  I used this off-center pinwheel image with Mundo de Unas White over 2 coats of Nubar Red Glitter (least creative polish name ever?) and finished with HK Girl.  I made a couple of errors with my stamping (my mistake, having nothing to do with the plate) that I hope you can overlook.  I love the movement illusion that you can see in the center of this kind of image when you scroll the image on the computer screen (thank you to More Nail Polish for pointing that out when she did this mani).  

Stay tuned later this week for some designs I've done with the other two plates in this collection.  In the meantime, you can check out the following links to see what else UberChic Beauty is offering.   

Price: $24.99 USD/Collection of 3 plates
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

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