Tuesday, 24 November 2015

HPB Presents Monochromatic Blobbicure

Hey there!  It's time for another Hobby Polish Bloggers link up.  Hobby Polish Bloggers is a great group of folks who love blogging about nail polish.  Each month we have the option of posting manis with a specific theme, which is always really fun for me.  For November we're bringing you monochromatic manis - monochromatic, in this case, can mean various hues of the same color or the classic monochromatic black and white.  I tried one of each but this A England blobbicure, all in shades of purple, turned out better so this is the one that I've decided to share today.

To do these I used a base of A England Sleeping Palace.  I did one coat, allowed it to dry and then added a second coat.  While the second coat was wet, I added the blobs of the other colors to create the blobbicure look.

The other A England purples I used in this are: Princess Tears, Guinevere, Crown of Thistles, Avalon and Blessed Damozel.  I like how these turned out because the purples I used have all sorts of finishes - cremes, holos and shimmers.  

A England polishes are great for blobbicures because they're so opaque that none of the original beauty of the colors gets lost or muddled.  

The links below will bring you to some of our other members and their monochromatic nails.  Be sure to check them out.

'Til next time...

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