Friday, 13 November 2015

The Digit-al Dozen does Inspired by Pinterest/magazines - Day 5 Alcohol Inks over Metallic Polish

Hey there!  Holy man, could that be a longer post title?  I really need to learn to be more succinct!  Anyway, today is the last day of The Digit-al Dozen's Pinterest/magazine week.  My inspiration for today's mani came one night when was just interested on how to color metal artwork so I hit up Pinterest...though don't ask me why I was curious about that since I don't do anything resembling metalwork.  That evening ended with me finding a whole lot of alcohol ink pins that I wanted to turn into nail art.  This is the one I did.  Other than the stained skin, I loved how it looked so I (not so subtly) cropped out as much of the staining as I could in a couple of photos.  How can I stop the alcohol inks from invading my skin?!?  It's the one reason I don't use them as much as I'd like.

The pin that I used for the stamping inspiration is quite large so I don't want to post the photo here but if you're curious you can find the pin here.  I've only ever used alcohol inks over white polish before so it was pretty fun to use it over metallic polish.  I used two coats of Essie No Place Like Chrome as a silver base color and then used purple, red and blue alcohol ink for the base pattern.  The red is clearly the staining culprit!  

For the stamping I again used No Place Like Chrome with an image from Pueen26.  I didn't top coat before I did the stamping so I think some of the color bled through the silver stamping but I sort of like the effect that it gave.  

I guess that brings us to the end of this month's Digit-al Dozen week.  But, no worries, we'll be back in a few short weeks!  In the meantime, we can see how the other DD-ers have finished the week in the links below.  

'Til next time...

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