Friday, November 20, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Grey + Color

Hey there!  This week is a color week for the Crumpet's Nail Tarts 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge. The prompt was "Grey + Color" and the pattern I was designated was scales/mermaid.  If there's a color that isn't remotely mermaid like, I think it's grey.  At first I wanted to try to do Greyscale (from Game of Thrones) but what I tried turned out terribly.  So I paired grey with pink and did these scaled stamping decals that I ended up really liking.

I wanted grey to be the main color but it didn't really turn out that way.  I stamped the scale image from Mash39 with Mundo de Unas Dark Grey and then filled the scales with all Glam Polish and Models Own polishes.  

The polishes I used in the decals are: Glam Polish Avalanche (that's the grey one), Frost Flower, Dancing Through Life and POW!.   I also included a couple of Models Own Chrome colors in Cerise and Rose.  I applied the decals over Frost Flower and finished it off with HK Girl top coat.  

Here's a close up so you can really see all the different finishes of the polishes I used for the scales.  Pretty fun, eh?  

I wonder what the other folks have paired with grey for today's prompt.  We can find out with the links below.  

'Til next time...

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