Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Stamping - Red and Black Nails

Hey there!  Now that Halloween is over, it's onto some non-holiday challenges.  This week's Sunday stamping theme is "red & black", my personal favourite color combination.  So much so that just last week I did red and black nails for last week's Sunday stamping challenge.  I'm more than okay with wearing the same color combination again so I did these for this week, inspired by this awesome mani done by @constantlypolished.  Hers is way prettier with the gold stamping but I didn't mind mine at all.  

For this I started with 2 coats of Pretty Serious Looks That Kill.  Then I did a squishy stamping marble with Santa's Sunburn, Love Bite and Sally Hansen Back to Black.  I made sure not to use too much black though so that my black stamping would show up over top of it.  

For the stamping I used 5 images from MoYou London Holy Shapes -03 and Mundo de Unas Black and finished with HK Girl.  I still can't stamp straight lines for the life of me so next time I use this plate I might have to make decals to get my lines straight.

That's all for tonight.  Enjoy all the leftover Halloween candy!

'Til next time...

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