Monday, 2 November 2015

Galaxy Nails for Halloween

Hey there!  I love space stuff so it's no surprise that I love galaxy manis.  It's also probably why my sister texted me this pin with galaxy makeup with the challenge to try it which I couldn't pass up.  Luckily Halloween was the perfect excuse so I gave it a shot, with galaxy nails to match!  If you want to see a really bad selfie of my galaxy makeup, feel free to keep reading. 

So here's my face.  I don't usually post pictures of myself (even on my own Facebook I recently realized) but I'll post one today just for fun.  Unfortunately the color isn't quite as bright in my crappy iphone selfie was it was in real life but I thought I did not bad for someone who doesn't wear any makeup more than once a month. 

Now for the important part - my nails!  I was a bit rushed for time so I kept my galaxy nice and simple.  I started with two coats of Rica Blackout then sponged on a bit of Whiteout where I wanted to put color.  For the color I used Rica Sugar Plum Wings, Pinky Promise and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.

Instead of adding white dots for stars, I used a glitter topper from Chaos & Crocodiles called Zero Gravity that I got when I first started getting into indie polish.  I think it's discontinued now but isn't it lovely?

I have to say I'm glad I used a topper for the stars for this take on galaxy nails.  I didn't have to try to paint tiny stars which I'm terrible at and it has holo glitter...and we all love holo glitter right?! 

The other good thing about painting my face for Halloween, even though I didn't have plans, is that it gave me a reason to go out trick or treating with my niece (who then proceeded to refer to me as "Space" all night, like it was my name).  I even had one little girl tell me she liked my makeup!

'Til next time...

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