Monday, December 15, 2014

Zig Zag Christmas Nails

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Hey there!  This week's 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge themes are "glitter topper" and "crinkly tape".  After a bit of inquiry, I learned crinkly tape is the serrated tape that you can make with craft scissors.  But since I didn't think my mom would want me to go to her house to steal her fancy sewing scissors, I realized I could use some stencils that I received from smART Nails.  I had previously reviewed some of their stencils and they're easier to use than tape so of course I had to go with them.  Luckily I did these a couple of weeks ago before my social life went bonkers so I actually have something to post this week!

I started with a white base, Rica Whiteout and then applied the red glitter topper, Sephora by OPI Be-Claus I Said So, on half my nail.  Then I put the nail stencil on (design P021) to get the serrated design and did the other half of the nail with OPI Christmas Gone Plaid and the gold glitter topper, Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me.

I have a Helmer drawer full of toppers that I rarely use so it was fun to dig through them and find some that worked for this.  And even more fun because I bought these when I first started getting into nail polish so they've been sadly neglected for a long time.

I'm so happy I managed to fit in both themes for these AND make them sort of holiday-like.  I haven't had time for many holiday nail looks lately so I'm going to find time to do some tonight if it kills me!  

'Til next time...

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