Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Stamping - Merry Christmas 2014 Nails

Hey there!  There's only 4 days until Christmas so it's appropriate that this week's Sunday stamping challenge theme is Merry Christmas 2014.  I've already done a few holiday mani's, most of which have involved stamping so here's one more.  My work had our Christmas party last week with a secret Santa exchange and my secret Santa got me the entire Kleancolor Metallics collection (good job secret Santa!).  I had the mini's for stamping but these are full sized bottles so I thought I'd do a Xmas mani to say thank you...even though I don't know who they are so I couldn't show them, haha!  I actually liked the stamping decals so much that I recycled some of it and wore it two days in a row.

Like I mentioned I had the Kleancolor metallic mini's but there's no white in the mini's so I wanted to use Metallic White for my base.  It just looks so perfectly wintery.  This is three coats plus HK Girl top coat.  Even with HK Girl, this took ages to dry for some reason...and I'm not a patient person...

The first day I wore this, I wanted to do some stamping that looked like poinsettias and MoYou London Pro -04 had an image that looked somewhat like poinsettias so I stamped with Kleancolor Metallic Red and added dots to the middle with Metallic Yellow.  Sadly they didn't turn out much like poinsettias at all.  On the middle two nails I used the mistletoe image from Bundle Monster BM-302 and made a decal with Mundo de Unas Black filled with Kleancolor Metallic Red and Metallic Green.  Can you believe I don't have a single stamping plate that says anything like Merry Christmas so I had to paint the words on myself?  My other hand wasn't so pretty...

Since I wasn't in love with the attempted poinsettias but I was in love with the decals, I changed some to just two coats of Metallic Red.  I like how this looked so much more.  I'm a sucker for a good metallic red polish.

I'm sure I'll be blogging more before Christmas but, just in case, here's my Merry Christmas wish to you guys.  

'Til next time...

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