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Superficiallly Colorful Giving Thanks Collection

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Hey there!  I was sent the entire Giving Thanks collection from Superficially Colorful that was released for American Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately I think the holiday strain on the postal service slowed it down a little and it didn't make it to me in time to post by Thanksgiving.  But if your family is anything like mine, we binge as much at Christmas as we do at Thanksgiving so these names work for the entire holiday season!  This collection is made up of seven shades all with a scattered holographic finish though, as you'll see, the holographic effect level varies between polishes.  

I swatched the entire Giving Thanks collection at two coats (though some were nearly one-coaters) without top coat. In the close-up photos you can see that some of them don't have a perfectly smooth finish but either from a distance or when I added top coat (not photographed) the imperfections weren't noticeable at all so don't let that dissuade you.  These photographs were all taken in a light box which isn't ideal for photographing holographics but you should get the general idea of the level of holo they have.  The holo isn't in-your-face strong but more subtle and classy which fits nicely with the colors that this collection offers.  

Cornucopia  - "a warm gold holographic polish".  The description says it all.  It really is a warm gold, a lovely classy shade.  

Cranberry Sauce - "a cranberry red polish with light holographic shimmer that dries to a satin look."  Cranberry Sauce was one of the colors that was almost good at one coat.  It does dry satin (which I love) as it says but I would normally describe cranberry red as a deeper color.  I would describe this shade as more of a red-leaning dark pink.  But maybe that is what cranberry is!  

Food Coma - "dark chocolate color with red, gold and holographic shimmer finish."  Food coma was another one of the polishes in this collection that was almost good at one coat.  It does have a cool reddish sheen to it which makes it a really pretty brown.  I really like brown polishes and should give them more airtime than I usually do.  

Give Thanks - "a nude – cream color with subtle holographic finish and satin look when dry."  I would describe Give Thanks as more of a metallic, champagne-colored finish than a holographic one.    The holo is very subtle.  Because I could tell in the bottle that it was going to have a metallic look, I was really worried about brushstrokes but there weren't any noticeable brushstrokes in real life.  It did however have the least smooth finish in this collection but I wore this one with top coat the next day and there weren't any visible bumps.  

New World - "a very orange-y red with rather strong holographic finish."  New World was one of my favourite colors in this collection.  It's a slightly orange-leaning pink which makes it a really pretty coral color overall.  I felt like this color could be very work-appropriate since it's not super dark.  It's just pretty.

Pass The Beans - "a dark rich green with gold and holographic shimmer."  I want to describe this dark green as an evergreen color that is just perfect for the holidays.  Something about it makes me think of snow and warm fireplaces.  I usually don't like how greens look on my skintone the richness of this green doesn't make my skin look sick. 

Peas & Thanks - "a light green with a golden sheen and subtle holographic finish."  I saw I'm A Nail Art Addict described this one as the color of Tinkerbell's dress and she was right on.  That's exactly the color of this light, bright green.  I think this color would make a great spring color too but since it's not a true pastel, most people should be fine wearing it in the colder months as well.  

My final thoughts are positive for this collection.  The application was great though you might want to use top coat to smooth out any imperfections.  The holographic effect in them is subtle but definitely present.  And even though this is a Autumn collection I personally feel any of these colors could be worn year round.  Because, really, who wants to only be able to wear a color in only one season?

All Superficially Colorful polishes are cruelty and 5-free.  These currently sell for $9 US for a 12 mL bottle.  You can keep up with Superficially Colorful by following these links:

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