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Renaissance Cosmetics Anniversary Collection Swatches

Hey there!  Today I have four polishes from an exciting new collection, the Renaissance Cosmetics Anniversary collection, to share with you lovely folks.  On the off chance that you haven't heard of this brand, it was started by Meghan, the author of one of my all-time favourite nail blogs, Will Paint Nails For Food.  As I'm sure you know, her nail art is amazing and she has expanded her artistic talent into her own brand of indie polish.  

Before now, I hadn't tried this brand even though it's already its anniversary and, honestly, I'm kicking myself.  These polishes are absolutely stunning.  The beauty of them is so complex that I was just showing my co-workers my macro shots to show them all the subtle perfections that Meghan has put into them.  She's definitely an artist.  I'm also including a little bonus of some Christmas nail art I wore yesterday using one of these polishes as the base.   

Of the polishes I was sent, two are microglitters (Blushing and Rapture) and two are crelly/glitter mixes (Ennui and Reverie).  I was really pleased with the formulas of both types.  The microglitters had great coverage and the crellies applied flawlessly without any concerns for glitter payoff.  In other words, I really loved how these applied.  Because they do all contain glitter, they did dry a bit gritty but nothing that a layer of top coat couldn't remedy.  All swatches are shown with a coat of HK Girl top coat.  In the descriptions below, the parts in quotation marks come directly from the Renaissance Cosmetics website.

"Blushing (v): to become rosy.
This is a rose-gold micro glitter polish. It can be layered over a base or built up to full coverage in 2-3 coats. It has a mix of predominantly rose and gold micro glitter, but it also has pink, fuchsia, and touches of purple micro glitter"

This one was my surprise favourite.  I'm generally not a fan of pinks which is what I was expecting.  I am however a huge fan of rose gold which is what Blushing is.  The mix is mainly pink and gold glitters which together look like a beautiful, sparkly rose gold.  I wore three coats over naked nail but two coats did provide full coverage.  

"Ennui (n): a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.
This polish is anything but boring, rather it’s reminiscent of a cloudy, dreary day. Ennui is a light grey creme/crelly with subtle purple shimmer and a mix of periwinkle, navy, midnight blue, iridescent and silver micro glitter."

I agree with Meghan's description of this looking like a cloudy day but I found it anything but dreary. It reminded me of a snowy winter sky.  The purple shimmer is very subtle so I found the mainly blue glitters gave this grey crelly an overall blue-tinted look.  As I mentioned before, this applied without any concern for glitter placement.  I applied as I would apply any regular creme and the glitters spread perfectly.  This is two coats.  

"Rapture (n.): ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy.
A micro glitter polish that can be layered or built up to full coverage in 2-3 coats. It has a mix of silver, black and accents of purple micro glitter. It also has a purple shimmer and lots of holographic sparkle. Must be seen in direct sun to be fully appreciated!"

Like Blushing, Rapture can be layers or worn alone.  I chose to wear it alone.  This is three coats but, again, two was sufficient for coverage.  I was torn whether to classify Rapture as purple or silver.  The Spectraflair makes it silver and holographic but the purple glitter is still dominant enough that it gives it an overall purple hue.  You can see in the macro shot that, close up, its very multi-coloured.  I did make sure I wore this one to work one day this week so I could see it in direct sun as recommended.  And it's definitely sparkly in the sun!
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"Reverie (n): a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing.
Reverie is a beautiful aqua blue with gold shimmer and a mix of gold, rose, and purple micro glitter. "

Reverie was a close second for being my favourite of these polishes that I tried.  I love love love turquoise blues but they are hard to photograph.  The real life color is slightly more subdued than my photos are.  The gold shimmer is subtle but more pronounced than the purple shimmer in Ennui and the glitters in this one give it a speckled look that reminds me of candy.  Formula-wise, its great.  Since I do love colors like this so much, I have quite a few but I find that something about them tends to make them streaky or they drag when applied but I was pleasantly surprised that Reverie didn't have any issues.  Like Ennui, I also didn't have to worry about glitter payoff.  This is two coats.  

Finally, another shot of my bonus holiday nail art.  Here I used two coats of Ennui again since it looked like the perfect representation of a winter sky to me.  And since Ennui means listlessness I thought I'd try to cheer it up again with some Christmas light stamping using Messy Mansion MM01.  I've seen others do this look before so I bought these little rhinestones specifically to try this one day. And now that I found the perfect base color, here's my Christmas light nails.

The Anniversary collection is currently available as a preorder from Renaissance Cosmetics meaning it will take approximately 8-10 days for your order to be completed.  You can also follow them on social media to get updates.  

'Til next time...

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