Monday, 1 December 2014

Chisel Camo Nails Inspired by Beaching Nails

Hey there!  I have another instalment of the Crumpet's Nail Tart's 52 Week Challenge for you today.  This week's themes are camouflage and dark green and I managed to combine the two here for the nails I wore to curling last week.  The reason I mention curling is because two of my curling teammates are avid hunters so I'm always trying to do outdoors-y nails that they might like and I finally got them to approve of them.  Hooray!

For these, the first thing I did was use a light green base of Orly Coachella Dweller.  It's pretty thin so I had to use three coats to get full coverage.

I've tried camo nail art before but this time I used a completely different technique.  I saw this chisel camo tutorial by Beaching Nails and knew I had to try it for this theme.  I can't say enough about the techniques she comes up with.  I wish I was as creative as she is!  Luckily she does great tutorials which allows the rest of us to copy her :-)

For the camo effect, I used quite a few colors.  They are Zoya Flynn (the only beige in there) and OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window, Jade Is The New Black and Christmas Gone Plaid (the dark green that allows me to say I fit in the dark green theme).  Just as Beaching Nails' tutorial shows, I just dipped the end of a cheap flat end brush in the polishes and dabbed them on horizontally.

On my accent finger I used an Browning logo image from Dashica Infinity-100 and Mundo de Unas Dark Green (#7).  A year ago I had no idea what Browning is but my sister still hangs out with her friends from the small town we're from and they like the Browning brand so now I know it's a hunting brand.  

Personally, I am unlikely to ever do anything where I need to wear camo clothing.  I don't hunt.  The idea of sitting in the cold being quiet doesn't quite fit my personality but I am thankful for my friend who does and then cooks me delicious food.  It's handy to have a guy friend who can hunt, garden AND cook.  If there's ever an apocalypse I've asked him to take me with him.  He said no and I can't say I'd blame him.  I did a Facebook quiz on how long I'd survive in a zombie apocalypse and it told me I'd die in the first 24 hours which sounded accurate to me.  

'Til next time...

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