Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Stamping - My Christmas Wishlist

Hey there!  Holy crap have I been busy lately!  But luckily I did manage to fit in a mani for this week's Sunday Stamping theme.  This week's theme is "My Christmas Wishlist - Stamped on my nails".  I consider myself pretty fortunate that there's really not much that I want for Christmas this year.  I suppose I could have wished for love and world peace and all that stuff but there is one physical gift that I am hoping to get.  It's a necklace with a piece of a real meteorite in it.  I just think it'd be cool to own a real life shooting star!

When I saw the theme and knew what I wanted to stamp, I knew I had to pick Picture Polish Midnite Meteor as my base color.  Midnight Meteor is one of Picture Polish's bijou holo colors, meaning it has a fairly subtle scattered holo finish.  It reminds me of the color of jeans I like to wear but sparkly (my jeans don't sparkle).  This is two coats plus HK Girl top coat.

My stamping was inspired by my friend Colors Frenzy.  I saw her combo of Picture Polish Hope and A England Encore Margot and wanted to wear it.  But I went with Midnite Meteor instead, thanks to my stamping choice.  

I stamped the shooting star from Nailz Craze NC-02 and some extra stars from MoYou London Pro - 05 with A England Encore Margot like Novi used, finished with HK Girl top coat.  I like this holo on holo combo!

I won't be too disappointed if I don't get this necklace.  Really, I don't wear much jewelry but since I do spend a lot of nights at the cabin hunting the sky for shooting stars to wish on, I'd love to wear one around my neck.  Maybe I could just wish on it all day long.

So what's on everybody else's wishlist this year?  Anything other than nail polish?  

'Til next time...

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