Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Darling Diva Holiday Swatch & Review

Hello!  Tonight I'm showing you a really neat glitter topper - Darling Diva's Holiday.  Inspired by Madonna's song, this is chock-full of circle glitter of all sorts of colors and sizes.  And who doesn't LOVE circle glitter?!

I layered 1.5 coats this over OPI Black Onyx plus topcoat to smooth it out.  I say 1.5 coats because my first coat left a couple of blank spots which I filled in by dabbing on a few more glitters.  Please excuse the super dry hands.  I was at the lake when I did these nails and I guess moisturizing wasn't high on my list of priorities :-(

Darling Diva Holiday

Darling Diva Holiday

Darling Diva Holiday macro shot
Darling Diva Holiday at the lake

Darling Diva Holiday on its beach photoshoot.

I purchased this from Darling Diva's Darling Diva's Etsy shop.

And now for your 80's flashback moment.

'Til next time...


  1. Your picture on DD's facebook page really made me crave this polish! Good luck with the new blog!