Sunday, 22 September 2013

Turtle Nails & A England Dragon Swatch

Hey there!  Ever have a weekend when you think you have nothing to do and end up with a million things to do?  That's what my weekend was like.  Luckily it was all fun stuff.

Tonight I want to show you the turtle shell nails I've done using A England Dragon as a base, stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold using the Mo You Pro Collection -03 plate.

I really struggled picking colors for these.  If you Google "turtle shell" it turns out turtle shells are more brown and yet whenever I think of turtles, I think green so I went with my gut.

Before I received the MoYou plate, I originally tried these using Bundle Monster plate, BM-313.  I liked both but I felt like the Bundle Monster plate made them just look reptilian.

And before I go, I want to show you a swatch of A England Dragon, along.  I had a hard time getting the color correct on my camera/computer.  It's a lovely olive green with a subtle scattered holo (the above photo is the closest I could get to the real look) and, of course, it has A England's amazing formula, opaque in one coat (but I used two because that's what I do).

A England Dragon - light box

A England Dragon - direct light
I purchased Dragon and the Bundle Monster plate from Nail Polish Canada and the MoYou plate directly from MoYou.

Which plate do you prefer to try to mimic turtle shells on your nails?

'Til next time...

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