Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Zoya Louise/Cirque French Roast (and a congratulations to Nail Polish Canada)

Hey there!  It seems I need to accept that fall is here.  The leaves here in Edmonton are turning so I guess that means I should start wearing more fall colors.  I'm not someone who really follows seasonal colors (I'm pretty much fashion-blind and I'm sure I'll still be wearing neon nails in January) but I have been holding out on wearing certain colors until now; one of those is brown.  3 months ago I didn't own any brown nail polish.  Lately I've decided I need to own it ALL!  

A lovely chocolate brown color is Zoya Louise, from the Fall 2013 Cashmeres collection.  This is two coats plus topcoat.

Zoya Louise
Zoya Louise

Doesn't it make you want to just eat it?  I think I'll be wearing this under a lot of my new brown glitters.  One of these glitters is Cirque's French Roast, from the Dark Horse Collection.  French Roast is described as "a sparkling bronze micro-glitter that reflects gold and copper" in a clear base.  This might be able to be built up on its own but I chose to layer it over Louise.

Cirque French Roast
In the picture below you can really see the different colors that this polish reflects.  It's not just brown.  It really is gold and copper and there's even hints of green (though that might be the copper).
Cirque French Roast

Cirque French Roast
So there it is.  My first official fall manicure.  But that doesn't mean I'm stashing my obnoxiously bright colors away until next summer.  I can't ignore those friends for that long.

As an aside,  I have to say congratulations to Nail Polish Canada for winning the 2013 Canada Post Consumer Champion award.  They truly deserve this award so I'm very happy for them.  I actually let out a "woohoo" when I saw them announce that they had won it on Facebook.  I've been purchasing from them since I discovered their site exactly a year ago (September 21, 2012 to be precise).  I truly can't say enough good things about this company.  Their customer service is second to none.  They really are a champion for us nail polish addicts.  My friends and family have all heard me say that I want to fly to Vancouver just to meet them and say thank you in person for all they do for us (yes I recognize that that sounds a bit crazy).  They bring in polish that would otherwise be very difficult to get here in Canada.  If there's an issue with an order (which there rarely is) they solve it immediately.  They'll make suggestions if you're looking for something specific, inform you when a polish is in stock, my packages always arrive safely and quickly and you really can't beat their shipping prices (currently free within Canada).  They just seem to genuinely love nail polish and us NPAs.  And don't let their name fool you.  They ship to the USA too!  

I purchased Louise from Nail Polish Canada and French Roast from Harlow & Co.

'Til next time...

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