Monday, 23 September 2013

Pink Shiny Nail Foils

Hey there!  Tonight I have a really quick, really shiny manicure for you.  Nail foils come as a roll of thin film and are applied by applying a layer of foil glue and pressing the foil to your nail.  They're really quick (the longest part is waiting for the glue to be tacky instead of sticky) and usually pretty dramatic.

When using foils, it's best to start with a coat of polish of a similar color, just in case your foil doesn't transfer perfectly so I started with one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pink Satin.  This particular pattern was neat-o because it kind of just looked like round holo glitter, but shinier (if you can believe it).  Foils do have one down-side however.  They don't wear well and most topcoats will make them form cracks.  But More Nail Polish discovered that Picture Polish Revolution, which is meant to be a base coat, forms a great topcoat for nail foils.  I've tried it and it works but these photos are without topcoat.

I purchased these from Born Pretty Store (color #3).

Have you ever tried nail foils?  What do you think about them?

'Til next time..