Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Whats Up Nails Slime Drip and Chain Stencils

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Hey there!  So far 2019 has been all about stamping.  Well, let's be honest, 99% of what I do on my nails is stamping.  But today I have a stencil post!  As much as I love stamping, I do love a good nail stencil and luckily, Whats Up Nails makes the best stencils.  These are the last two stencils I have to share from my last package they sent me but I actually just ordered some more from a distributor last night (gotta keep those Canadian shipping costs down).  But for now, I have the Slime Drip Stencils and Chain Stencils to share.  I love how they both turned out!

$3.75 USD
30 stencils

For these I started with a black base (A England Camelot).  I actually did them first over matte'd black but I liked the shiny version better so that's what I'm showing.  Then I applied the stencils and did a vertical gradient on each nail with ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies.  The flakies I used were Glory, Electric Carnival, Neon Rosebud, Metropolis, Luna, Cold Fusion, Gaia, Open Field and Brilliance.  For top coat I used Glisten & Glow.  

$3.75 USD
20 stencils

Anytime I think of chain nails (which I do a lot since they were one of the first stamping manis I ever saw way back in the day) I think of black and silver.  So I switched it up this time and went white and gold...I'm soooo adventurous!  For these I used Cirque Colors Don't Forget The Cannoli with a matte top coat.  I let that dry for a good long time before applying the stencils since matte top coat isn't quick dry.  Then I just painted over them with Cirque Colors 24 K Affair.  They're almost classy, eh?

I hope you like these two stencilled designs.  I should be back tomorrow with more stamped nails (I say "should" because I seem to be unable to find the time to blog until pretty late at night this week so I can't promise anything).  But for now, I really can't recommend Whats Up Nails stencils (or their stamping plates, for that matter) enough.  Feel free to shop at their store linked below.  

Available at What's Up Nails

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