Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Marble -Realistic(ish) Marble Nails

Hey there!  I'm a tad late with my Digit-al Dozen marble nails for today but better late than never!  Darn work getting in the way of my blogging, haha!  For today I have my attempt at freehanding marble nails.  I did these over the Christmas break and they took me FOREVER!  Luckily I liked the outcome enough so I won't complain too much...

I used gel polish for these because I thought the art gel would be handy.  For a base color I used either 2 coats of Madam Glam Perfect Black or Cashmere Grey.  

Then it came to actually making the marble pattern.  I mixed Madam Glam's Art Gel (known as blooming gel from other brands) with Perfect Black or Cashmere Grey and applied it over Art Gel and let it bloom a bit before curing.  Then I went back in and painted with straight gel polish to get some more opaque lines.  I cured that and then cured again with Gelish matte top coat.  

To add the gold accents I went back in again with Moyra black foil gel, cured it yet again and then applied Moyra gold foil.  All that curing time seems to really add up!  

We all know I'm certainly not a master freehand nail artist but I hope these pass as marble nails to you!  Don't forget to check out everyone else's second marble nail designs in the links below.

'Til next time...

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