Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Pink Gellac Gel Polish Starter Kit Review

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Hey there!  I have a new-to-me-brand on the blog today but it's far from new.  Pink Gellac is a popular gel polish system in Europe.  I'm not the most experienced gel polish user but I was happy to get to try it for today's post.  I was sent the Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to get started in the gel world (I'll list everything separately below) including one color of gel polish AND it's not expensive.  The quality is there but at a good price.  That always makes me happy.  Even though I'm not the most experienced with gel, this kit was really simple to use.  And, if you have any questions, there's an instruction manual in numerous languages to help you out.  How great is that?!

The starter kit really does come with absolutely everything you need to get started with gel manicures.  The items included are:

1 LED lamp
Pink Gellac Primer
Pink Gellac Base
Pink Gellac Polish in Dynamic Pink (#182)
Pink Gellac Shine top coat
10 Remover Pockets
10 Cleanser Pockets
1 Nail File
1 Orange stick
1 Instruction Manual in 5 language

All in one handy box!

I don't have time for 14 day wear so I did the same instructions but with a coat of UNT base coat on first.

The lamp fit my four fingers perfectly so I did both thumbs first then the four fingers of my left hand, then my right.  It seemed to take no time at all.  

The polish has a nice rounded brush which made easy application.  And the consistency was good, not too thick or thin so it was fully opaque in two coats.

I used of the base, 2 coats of Dynamic Pink and the Shine top coat.  The top coat said it's a no wipe top coat (which to lots of us nails girls means we can use it with powders...exciting!) so I tried it with the Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder and it was perfect.  Except that I forgot to take pictures with the powder to prove it to you.

Dynamic Pink as a color is a vivid pink creme.  It certainly suits its name.  But Pink Gellac appears to have a very wide selections of colors.  You can see their entire line of gel polish here.  I'd certainly be happy to own more of these!  

The starter kit is so reasonably priced.  For less than $50, you get everything I tried here plus 4 free online courses and free shipping.  I have purchased one LED lamp previously and it was $40 on its own plus I have purchased expensive base and top coats for $20 each.  But the Pink Gellac products works just as well, for far less cost.  There is also an option to get a starter kit including 4 colors for only $69.50 USD.  You should definitely visit their YouTube channel for great videos on application and removal.

$49.50 USD (starter kit)
$12 USD/polish
Available at Pink Gellac

'Til next time...

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